Learning from Mistakes Essay Example

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  • Published: 27 March 2021
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People change from experiences, and others grow from mistakes, and those are two key elements to make someone a better person. Hatchet is a novel by Gary Paulsen and the main character is a 13-year-old boy named Brian Robeson, who is on the way to visit his dad in the Canadian oil fields. Brian’s parents are divorced, and when he is on the way to visit his dad, the plane pilot suffers from a heart attack and Brian is forced to crash the plane in the middle of nowhere, leaving him stranded in the Canadian wilderness. Through many hardships and experiences in the wilderness, Brian transforms from an urban-minded boy to a young man who understands and survives alongside nature.

When Brian first lands in the wilderness, he doesn’t know what to do. His mind is open, thoughts, rushing in, to the point where it is too much for him. It made no sense because “[t]he whole thing turned into a confused jumble” (Paulsen 42). He truly displays an urban-minded boy because he doesn’t know what to do when he first lands in the wilderness. Urban places have no wilderness, giving him no knowledge on how to survive. An action like this is most likely coming from his shock and stress about the whole situation. The wilderness affects him a lot because he is not used to it and the whole situation could possibly leave Brian with no food and no materials and could cause him to die.

Later on, Brian changes into a nature-friendly young man, his skills building up from his mistakes. One day, Brian was eating blueberries and “he turned and saw a bear”(69). Unable to do anything, or think anything, he started to panic. Standing in front of him was a big bear with a cinnamon-colored nose. Barely twenty feet from him, silently eating berries too. Running away, Brian realized that the bear was eating berries, not people, so he stopped himself and went back to eat more berries, slowly starting to regain his courage. Brian displays being nature-friendly because he is realizing and becoming aware of the elements around him. He realizes that he has to share his resources with other entities. From experiences, he learns a lot of new information that he was unknowledgeable of before he landed in the wilderness, considering he is from an urban place. If he had not stopped himself, he would have not gathered all this courage and new abilities against nature. Though hardships make circumstances challenging, being willing to learn and possessing an open mind is key.



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