Last Day of My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 06 August 2020
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What I did in the last moments of my life,  I woke up on a breezy fall morning to my best friend's cat pawing on her wooden bedroom door. When I turned over to hit my best friend with her cheetah print pillow, she was already up scrolling through Youtube. Before I could even open my mouth, her morning breath shouted in my face. 

“The world is ending today we need to go out with a bang,” said Allie, with dried drool all over her cheek.

Wiping the crust out of my eyes,I replied, “What are you talking about?’ 


As Allie jumped up frantically to tell her mom the news, I slowly took the covers off and got out one foot at a time out of the bed. Watching Allie sprint down the hallway to the living she ran so fast she couldn't even enjoy the smell of her mom's amazing chocolate chip muffins cooking for us just to tell her mom the news.

“Mom, Mom the world is ending today, Me and Tay need to get out of this house we need to make our mark on this world,”Says Allie breathing so heavy you couldn't even understand, but somehow her mom did. It's a mother's love, I guess.

 “Allie the muffins are ready, and I have to watch Elina and Jason today.” Said Allie's mom.

 “Well mom we can bring them along, will you please take me and best friend to the park we always go to with the snowman swing.We need to make our mark before its too late.” Allie said almost in tears.

 “Bet I can beat you to the muffins” I say while I'm already running.

 Allie chasing after “That's not fair you cheater”

I still don't completely think the world is ending, but  Allie does. While we were sitting on the high black dining room table chairs, I start to believe more and more;even if this wasn't true, I'm gonna make my mark on the world with my best friend How awesome is that?

Jason and Elina run through the door yelling for grandma with the blankets going everywhere and throwing the doggie stuff animals down. For those who don't know Jason and Elina are Allie's niece and nephew. Allie and I look at each other with a full mouth of muffin and say at the same time “let's go”.

We knew if we got Elina and Jason on board with this idea they wouldn't leave their grandma alone and we would have to go. Allie and I made some devious plans quite often. 

Allie said, “ Jason, Elina lets go to the playroom!”

Jason and Elina run straight to the playroom trying to beat Allie and I there.

“Okay guys,who wants to go to the park today?”  I was wheezing getting that sentence out running is not really my thing,especially in the morning,but hey,you gotta do what you gotta do. 

“I DO, I DO, ME, ME, ME,” shouted both  Elina and Jason.

Allies mom overhears “ Fine guys get in the car let's go.”

We were all crammed in the car on the way to the park. I  was squished in between two baby seats with crumbs all over from their morning breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios. It was only about a 10-minute drive from Allie's house so I didn't mind.

Allie and I slammed the doors forgetting to help her mom get Jason and Elina out of the car. We sprinted to the Snowman swing. Looking up at the sky getting more cloudy and more cloudy as the minutes  went on. We hurried and grabbed a black sharpie marker. We wrote in big letters “ Here lay Best friends (Allie and Taylor’s) favorite swing”  

Yep, we had the chance to write anything we wanted and that's what we picked, Thank god the world didn't actually end. What would you do in the last minutes of your life.



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