Language Essay Example: A Tool of Communication

Language Essay Example: A Tool of Communication
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📌Published: 30 May 2021

Language is the most important tool of communication, it helps share our thoughts and understand others. Every time we speak, we do it with a particular purpose. In this extract, the writer uses two form languages to display cultural aspects and expressions.

The writer’s language conveys both an informative and reflective purpose. The setting behind the language recommends a circumstance of the manner by which individuals view such dialects and their implications on communication. The setting puts forward a blend of pride as in Miss Daisy and resentment as in Pinkie. The writer’s utilization of language acts as a contrast to the assumptions of each character. For Pinkie, as she utilizes her language as an impression of what she sees as a “civilized” country she sees Creole as dishonorable and this is observed in her conduct. However, for Miss Daisy, the language is critical as this is enforced by her passion for it as the "only thing they have".

The writer utilizes two types of languages in the extract: Creole, “nevah get ahead” and Standard English “I wish Pinkie would cool down…” The Creole and Standard English are suitable as it not just displays two different views on what is cultures but also feelings. It puts forward that both can be utilized as a type of communication. Just before the end, even Pinkie deserted her use of Standard English to express her excitement, hence revealing the attributes and pleasures of both languages.

Pinkie’s language is mostly motivated by non-linguistic factors. As obvious from the starting of the extract, Pinkie does not take the fact at the way that Standard English has good grammar, nor the way the words are articulated; she utilizes Standard English in light of the way that she links it to being "civilized" and prosperous. A person’s language is motivated by non-linguistic factors when used in a manner that has nothing to do with language, but since it is associated with attitude and education. In such a case, the individual picks that language which matches his or her circumstance and this is evident with Pinkie. Towards the end, Pinkie utilized Creole since she now considers it to be a method for communicating her happiness in getting a visa “… Is gone me gone…”

In a video presentation of this interaction, the audience would get an opportunity to see the non-verbal forms of communication and cultural aspects confirming that these ladies are from the Caribbean. It will even reveal the expressions from both Pinkie and Miss Daisy as they used Creole and Standard English. Clarity will be brought to both senses of hearing and seeing.  Also, their dress code will provide display the manner in which these ladies treat their languages. 

In conclusion, the writer accomplishes the fact that the use of different forms of language in communication displays one’s cultural aspects and affects one’s expression.


Adapted from Alecia McKenzie, “Pinkie”, Satellite City and otherStories   Longman Group U.K. Ltd., 1992, pp. 28-30


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