To Kill a Mockingbird. The Theme of Courage Essay Example

Courage is strengthening your beliefs in the face of adversity as one is able to blaze a new trail to better the world. Inequality is inevitable in a society the reveals prejudice and racial discrimination. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee uses character, conflict, and setting to reveal how moral values drive courageous decisions.

In a society where racism overpowers equality, courage and morals drive Atticus to make to act upon his moral instincts. Through the character of Atticus and his courageous decisions he decides to take a leap of faith for an innocent man known as Tom Robinson. Atticus, a lawyer takes on a case (white vs black). He defends a black male, Tom Robinson, allegedly accused of raping a white women. Although knowing he has a “slim to no chance of winning” the case he tackles the challenges as he needs to set a moral “example for his kids” (Lee 115).

Atticus’s strong sense of morals drives him to take on the case even he knows he won't win.  With this in mind, he makes the decision to fight for equality, something very important to a man of courage. Atticus has always given an equal opportunity to each of his kids and everyone around him as he wants to represent his beliefs through his courage not only for his kids but for his moral values. Henceforth making him decide to take on the case. He set an example of courage and morality for his kids as he wants to make a change in society. Furthermore, his beliefs bring upon a moral sense of value as he make his decisions based upon his intellange and well understanding of the society he lives in  need symbolism. On the other hand, In the community Atticus is believed to be one of the fairest people as he exemplifies this to his kids.

Scout assumed Miss Caroline understood everyone's family background from Maycomb, which led to a misunderstanding between Scout and her teacher. Furthermore if Scout would learn a simple trick, she, would get along a lot better with her classmates and teacher, because one never really understands a person until they “consider things from [there] point of view---until you climb into [there] skin and walk around in it" (39). Too much and too repetitive commentary Furthermore Atticus telling scout this idea reveals how looking at things from a different point of view will enable one to understand other people's perspectives. Furthermore Atticus is teaching his daughter a lesson on gaining perspective.

Atticus explains to Scout that she needed to take into consideration that Miss Caroline was new to Maycomb, and Scout couldn't expect her to understand everything about the Cunninghams on her first day. Atticus uses the analogy of climbing into a person's skin and walking around in it as a way to explain to Scout how she should look at situations from other people's point of view. Atticus’s morals display themselves as he gives advice to his daughter to better her view on the world around her. Atticus was able to overcome and talk about his morals as he exemplifies this through his kids and his court decision, which drive him to take on the courageous act of the Tom Robinson case.



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