Kids Should Play Competitive Sports Argumentative Essay

Should kids play competitive sports? There are varying opinions from professionals, although making kids try out for a team is the best way to find the best athletes, sometimes people argue that kids get hurt mentally when they do not make the team, but The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of competitive sports are too good to miss. These are reasons why kids should play competitive sports.

In “Sports: The benefits of competitive athletic participation in today's sports climate” Kirk Mango, states in his article that “When athletes are exposed to the proper environment, and put forth the proper amounts of effort and make good healthy choices, you would be pressed to find anything that gives them the opportunity for holistic benefits from participating in competitive sports does.” Kirk Mango also states that “Benefits gained from sports participation without mentioning the fitness improvements achieved through training for and participating in athletic activities.” One example of this is “ Participating in competitive youth sports burns calories and helps prevent obesity.” Another Example is “Participating in sports teaches children and teenagers how to compete in the real world.

On the other hand, in “Negatives of competitive sports” by T. Marice Huggings, she claims that “ If not monitored, competitive sports can harm athletes physiologically, socially, and physically.” Also “Players who win every time put a lot of pressure on themselves and lose the pleasure of playing.” And lastly, from “ Pushing too hard too young” by Jacqueline Stenson, the article states that “ Young athletes may have to sacrifice downtime for other interests and time that allows them to just be kids.”

Although, Kirk Mango also states that “ A competitive athlete will learn more from their mistakes than their successes.” One example of this is “ When a child wins he feels accomplished and recognized, but when he loses he learns a lesson; You can't win every time.”

To restate what has been said so far, There are negatives such as sacrificing time to be a kid and more, but there are many positives such as physical, mental, and social benefits. That is why kids should play competitive sports.


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