Israelis Refugee Essay Example

Israelis are stealing Palestinian land illegally and building settlements all throughout the west bank. “A viable, contiguous Palestinian state remains a challenging concept, as Israel has spared no effort to undermine the “two-state solution” and the peace process altogether with its persistence in continuing with its land seizure policy, house demolition strategy, matrix of control on movement and sustaining the dependency of the Palestinian economy, which ultimately eradicated the essence of the entire peace process and only restructured and repositioned the presence of the Israeli occupation army in the OPT. ” (Issac 1). The Palestinian people are being forced to move out of their homes due to the Israeli government that wants to build more Israeli settlements. 

”His government's settlement expansion, which both Kerry and US negotiator Martin Indyk have said was a key reason for the breakdown of talks, has killed hopes for that solution by carving the West Bank into non contiguous bantustans.” (Nation Company 1).The Israeli government has seemed to have given up on peace and now want to just slowly take land from the Palestinian people and make them move until there are none left. 

Palestinian refugees are all across the world due to being forced to leave their homes. Refugee camps being attacked and innocent people being harmed because of peaceful protest. “The Zionist occupation state responsible for targeting young people east of the Bureij camp and condemns the repeated Israeli war crimes that target the kites’ flyers among the participants in the demonstrations and peaceful gatherings on the border fence.” (Sourani 2). Throughout refugee camps there are people peacefully protesting the Israeli government and being attack by the Israelis.

In Jordan, the Palestinian refugees, half the population of the country, were granted Jordanian citizenship in 1950. Despite Jordan's initial generous treatment of the Palestinian refugees, the PLO built up a military capacity in the camps and nearly toppled the regime of Jordan's King Hussein in 1970, sparking a civil war.” (Tuastad 2). Nearly half of the population of Jordan the neighboring country after the war were Palestinian citizens. It shows how many people left their homes due to being forced to leave by the Israelis.



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