Into the Wild Movie Review

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  • Published: 14 September 2021
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The movie, “Into the Wild,” is about a bright young man named Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp). Immediately after Christopher graduated, he donated all his money to Oxfam America, left everything he had behind, and set his sights on Alaska. On his way to Alaska, Christopher met friends that treated him like family, and helped him become the person he turned out to be. 

Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) embarked on the journey of a lifetime to Alaska searching for himself and true happiness, all while living off the land. Christopher found out the hard way that, “happiness is only real when shared.”  He thinks being alone with nature will make him happy, and he won’t have to be under the thumb of his parents anymore. 

Christopher leaves his hometown, as well as his family and cuts all ties and communication with them. His mother waits for his return every second of everyday, while his sister understands why he left, is still confused on why he cut ties with her. Christopher leaves everyone he has ever known behind in an attempt to live off the grid however through his travels he meets one friend that makes an impact on his life. Mr. Ronald Franz taught Christopher how to make a belt and this is the one item that symbolizes his travels and his future. It symbolizes his entire lifestyle, and also the strong friendship that Ronald and Christopher shared.

Before watching “Into the Wild” I found a preview of the movie with a quick online search. After watching the preview, and then seeing the actual movie, I can say that “Into the Wild” far exceeded my expectations. This movie was dramatic, pulled on my heartstrings, and left my jaw on the floor. The preview to “Into the Wild” led me to think the movie would be filled with the directors’ depictions of action filled travel. This was far from true; the director focused his attention to the storyline which made for a great movie. The story was captivating and compelling. It was motivating and being based on a true story, it felt so honest.

The scene when Christopher makes his first official big game kill in the wild was a huge part in the movie. Christopher is starving and it is either him or the moose. After everything he went through, finally finding the courage to pull the trigger, and his meat gets spoiled. The one thing Ronald Told him to watch out for, happened and when it did, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The gut-wrenching feeling was so discouraging. This scene took the movie and completely changed the mood, with what seemed like days, only to turn out to be minutes. The fear, anguish, resentment, sorrow, everything Christopher felt, resonated off the screen and into the hearts of the viewers. I truly felt like I was right there with him experiencing these emotions.

I can say that I envy Christopher in some ways. The way that he could just pack up and leave everything and everyone behind was almost enlightening. He was sick of society and needed his own get away of sorts, but still sought out friendship, and was never truly on his own. He depended on the bus and always came back to it no matter how hard he tried to leave it. He never really got completely off of the grid, but I do feel like he did accomplish what he sought out to do. He left to find himself, he left to get away from his parents so he could figure out who he truly was on the inside, and he found him.


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