Internet Addiction Essay Example and Its Impact on Kids

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  • Published: 12 April 2021
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The Internet has become a worldwide means of communication as well indispensable part of congregating and disseminating information. However, the Internet has transformed the world into a global village whereby people across the world from different social backgrounds and thoughts connect with each other. The Internet has become a major source of bringing together all age groups, especially teenagers.  Most of the teenagers surf over the internet for three reasons: entertainment, education, and communication. Whereas,  the internet has become a platform for the teenager to get socialized.  Despite the various merits of   using the internet but there are also some detrimental  effects of the internet. This paper discusses the rationales and the consequences of the internet on kids  in the following paragraphs. 

Communication is one of the reasons children are influenced by the internet. Communication is a well known factor that encourages teens to surf on the internet. Some of the researchers believe that the internet provides an avenue for children where they communicate with others and become more socialised. For instance there are millions of websites ( facebook, instagram, Skype)  are popular today  that stimulate the children to make new friends across the world as well as being more introverted .(Mariano,2002) Moreover internet play a paramount role in enhancing the child development where they can transfer their ideas and thoughts with others and  learn multifarious skills to improve their performance. Another reason that prompts kids to use the internet is entertainment. Children are the tender buds of society as well nurture in behaviour.  In their pre- age kids usually   like to play  and innovative games that require a great potential and capability. The internet provides all stuff in  one click.

Education is an additional  cause that influences kids to surf on the internet. In this globalized world, everything is changing dramatically. However there is a greater role of education to live a pleasant life.  Shotton (1989)  described  that education is the first step in child life that leads toward them to achieve a certain platform in their life. Moreover the internet is one of the best ways to get knowledge . Where they   can find reliable information  about a specific topic .Therefore, the internet is a best form of  academics and  research especially for youth scholars. Additionally , the internet also provides various interactive  designate learning programmes that help the children to understand easily and quickly. 

On the flip side there are numerous effects of the internet on kids . Firstly, addiction is one of the effects that the internet has on its users. Mostly kids are usually affected by the internet. The internet provides   multiple  gaming and social sites that can be  addictive and severely affect , the kids spend the majority of their time on the internet.. This directly affects their mental and cognitive development ( Rosenberg and  Feder 2014) Secondly, the internet also promotes laziness which causes inability to perform the task independently and discourages the task with full concentration . devoting the majority of  time on the internet also affects the children's studies as they are unable to pay proper attention towards their studies. Which causes deterioration in their academic performance.

Furthermore, children are allocating most of their precious time on the internet  as a consequence  they become isolated. As they prefer social sites instead of face to face communication which become a threat to their relationship as well the communication skills . Although, children use the internet  for chatting with their online friends, playing online games, and watching movies while sitting in front of the monitor.  Which basically triggers health and affects the child's accomplishment . 

In conclusion, the internet is boon and bane for kids . The Internet provides vast functions that help children to tackle various issues. In the field of education it provides a greater platform to achieve the success path and aware children about the consequences of performing certain tasks. But still there are some repercussions that cannot be forbidden. Internet addiction is one of the causes of concern today. However, overuse of the internet  also affects interpersonal relationships.  


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