Injuries and Ski Essay Example

Did you know that 600,000 people got injured due to a skiing or snowboarding accident this last winter. People get hurt while doing sports and skiing or snowboarding isn’t any different. I am writing this to inform you on how to avoid being injured while skiing or snowboarding. Some injuries are preventable and most of you would rather be able to ski and have fun than sit out because of an avoidable injury.

The number one way to avoid a head injury while skiing is by wearing a helmet, but 20 percent of people still chose not to. Research found that children who wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding sustain less severe head injuries and lower overall injury severity, compared to children who do not wear a helmet.  Wearing a helmet is the easiest way to avoid potentially fatal head injuries. By using a helmet you could save yourself from a major head injury that could affect you for your entire life or even end it.

The most common injury for skiers is a knee injury, usually a torn MCL. One easy way to potentially avoid a knee injury is by making sure your equipment functions properly.  Each skier needs specific bindings. Your binding are designed to make your skis fall off in a hard crash so the pressure won’t hurt your knee. Make sure your bindings are set to the correct din based on your height, weight and skill level. Skiers knee ligaments (anterior cruciate ligament in particular) take the most injuries. Make sure your ski bindings are adjusted correctly for your weight and level of skiing. Over 80% of accidents to skiers which result in sprained knee ligaments resulted from skis not coming off during a fall. About 50% of skiers ski with incorrectly adjusted or defective bindings. You could save yourself from a lifelong knee injury just by making sure you equipment is properly adjusted.

Being overconfident causes you to do things you aren’t ready for and get hurt. If you out are over confident you may try to do something that is too difficult for you and get yourself hurt. Being aware of things around you such as trees, other skiers and snow conditions will help you avoid an injury. Being alert will help you not crash into other skiers or trees and knowing the speed of the snow will help keep you under control. Skiing can be fun, but is also risky if you aren’t being safe. You would rather be safe than sorry.  Skiing should be fun and be able to be enjoyed safely.  People need to learn how to stay safe so they can have fun and not learn the hard way.



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