Informative and Persuasive Essay on Domestic Terrorism

Informative and Persuasive Essay on Domestic Terrorism
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📌Published: 24 April 2021

In the recent past, domestic terrorism cases have been neglected and forgotten about, therefore we’ve been putting the real issue aside, which is to stop domestic terrorism attacks from occurring, and our society is to blame for that.  If we think back to September 11th in 2001, some campaigns suggest that children are accountable for the attacks. Lawyers refuse to classify domestic terrorism as a federal law. Not only are they blaming kids, but no one is trying to find the key issue on why domestic terrorist attacks occur. Every year, people are constructing new weapons for attacks, not just in the United States, which is supposed to be a safe, country for everyone of every race, sex, and gender, but this issue of injustice is throughout every country and continent. 

One of the key issues of our society simply deciding to place their social problems on domestic terrorism and choosing not to solve it, is the fact that “ad campaigns state that young children are responsible for terrorist attacks such as the 9/11 attack,” (Giroux Henry, Youth, and Politics of Domestic Terrorism.) Instead of actually blaming the people who are actually responsible, they decide to blame children who are so-called “dangerous, mindless and addicted to drugs”, as seen in these same advertisement campaigns. Our generation could and needs be focused on how to prevent these certain horrific attacks from occurring, however, they chose to be focused on advertisements that aren’t accurate. It is time our generation shows people that children are not responsible for mass terror attacks and we shouldn’t be putting the fault on our future people’s hands. “Children have fewer rights than any other group” (Giroux Henry, Youth, and Politics Domestic Terrorism). This factor needs to change if people want to change the way we see the world today, where we consistently turn on the news to see people who are shot. What do you think you’re teaching your kid if all they see is a crooked wicked world? We are the future and our decisions and choices need to be heard, perhaps more than many others. 

Another big issue for domestic terrorism is, in fact, domestic terrorism itself. “Federal lawyers refuse to classify domestic terrorism as what it is, a terrorist attack”, (Mary B. Mccord, The Law Should Classify Domestic Terror as the Equivalent of International Terror)  Just eight years ago was domestic terrorism given an exact definition for criminal defense. However, out of the thousands of cases that could be classified as domestic terrorism the past few years, only fifty-one of those cases were applied to be what the law applies as domestic terrorism. Michael German retired criminal defense attorney, and veteran states that “many hate crimes fit the definition of domestic terrorism under federal law, however, the FBI is regarding them as lesser crimes.” This is a massive issue because criminals are receiving a quicker jail time or sentence because our law refuses to mark something as what it should be. 

Not only is domestic terrorism in America but according to the GTD (Global Terrorism Database), “there is domestic terrorism in every corner of the world.” The places that domestic terrorism is most common is in the Middle East and North Africa along with Nigeria. The domestic terrorism attacks might be high there, because,  no one cares to stand up to their government that is falling to pieces or the fact that altogether our society doesn’t want to work together to stop all types of terrorism altogether. Every year, there are new types of weapons for terrorism created, as of 2017, the weapon of choice, according to Mary B. Mccord who is a retired prosecutor and journalist, states “that the weapon was a cargo truck”. “The cargo truck is a “low-cost, low planning method of spreading terror that produces high- fatality, high-impact results.” This certain truck was used to take the life of Heather Heyer and injure twenty-eight other people. This incident in Charlottesville was a major event in the United State’s history and James Alex Fields Jr. (who was responsible for the crime) had been sentenced with a life sentence, however, he was accused of a hate crime. 

This problem is still relevant today since our society refuses to stand up against this issue and make this a federal crime. If this does eventually become a federal crime, I believe that all together domestic terrorism will decrease, however there are still multiple issues that our society needs to fix, such as, encouraging our future generation instead of letting them down and making sure they are ready for the big world ahead of them, such as trying to stop the black market from creating weapons that can create bigger damage for things such as terrorism. If we fix these key issues, our world and country will be a better place, like it should be already.


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