The Influence of Magna Carta Essay Example

The Influence of Magna Carta Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 July 2020

The Magna Carta was a very important document to all the world. In 1215 the Magna Carta was published. It affected taxation, trials and other rights for citizens, and it influenced other modern governments such as the United States and many more places around the globe. 

Taxation was one of the main reasons so many people fancied the Magna Carta.  Barons were troubled and compelled King John to sign the Magna Carta because he had such “high taxes to pay for a failing military.”  King John couldn’t collect more tax money without the approval of a council of barons and churchmen present.  This also added a way for the King to collect taxes without having to worry about another rebellion happening with him and the barons.

Trails and the rights of citizens were also in the Magna Carta.  A certain writ of the habeas corpus  must either “release the prisoner or present a good reason for keeping that person in jail.” The whole point of this writ was to keep prisoners to be jailed secretly without trial.  Amazingly, the Magna Carta also showed that everyone is equal under the law and that the kings have to abide by the law with everyone else.

The Magna Carta also influenced other modern Governments greatly. It invigorated “laws and governments” from other countries.  The habeas corpus, a Latin phrase that means “you shall have the body” is a court order to bring an arrested person before a judge or court. One whole quarter of people in the world live by the Magna Carta in their countries, and they all have their own version of it inside of their government.  However, the Magna Carta helped people formed their own laws and formed their own government by basing everything off the Magna Carta. 

In conclusion, the Magna Carta influenced many countries, it also affected taxation, and lastly, it changed the rights and trails of citizens still used to this day in many modern governments. Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in the world.


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