Importance Of American Colonies In The Way Of American Government Becoming

Importance Of American Colonies In The Way Of American Government Becoming 

The American revolution should not be referred to as the British revolution. The Revolution was to separate the colonies in America from British control, creating its own country. To call it the British revolution is incorrect and diminishes the reason for the war and the achievements of America. Had it not been for America going against British rule; there would be no revolution.

Without the America colonies want for freedom there would be no revolution. The revolution was caused because America needed to fight back against the unjust laws that the British forced onto the colonies. After the French and Indian War, American colonies entered a time coined as salutary neglect. In order to pay for the debt of the war, Britain enforced multiple tax acts on the colonies. The citizens of the colonies were upset by this because they had no vote in the parliament that decided on these taxes. They got together for the first continental congress meeting to discuss their rights and to complain to the British government. Though some acts were repealed, over time the British continued to enforce unjust acts onto the colonies. These acts included the Townshend Acts and the Intolerable Acts. This led to the second continental congress meeting where the colonists wrote the declaration of independence, leading to the revolutionary war. 

The revolution was influenced by American ideas that were different from the ones shared by England. In America, there was a time called the Enlightenment period. The enlightenment thinkers questioned authority and saw values in treating people as equals. In England, there was a ruling monarchy that was decided by birth. The citizens had a right to vote in parliament however, this right did not extend to the colonies. After the mistreatment of the colonies by the British government, the colonies decided that they needed to create their own government. The Enlightenment movement would be used as an inspiration for America’s independence. The founding fathers would reference the enlightenment period ideas by John Locke and Montesquieu when writing their Declaration of Independence. The ideas of the Enlightenment movement would go on to affect the type of government America would have, eventually influencing other countries as well.

The final reason why it is called the American revolution over the British revolution is that America had lasting influence after winning the war. America won the revolution and overthrew the European system of the ancien regime. The colonies created and coined a new form of government, federalism. America became the first federal republic and inspired many other countries. Other countries, like France, were inspired by America’s revolution. The lasting effects of the revolution and The United States influence can be seen today. 

To summarize, calling the American revolution the “British revolution” would be inaccurate and diminish the purpose of the revolution. Had it not been for American action and willingness to fight for their rights, the revolution would cease to have happened. Despite the British colonial policies, American actions are what made the revolution happen and be as successful as it was. 



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