Imagining My Future Essay Example

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  • Published: 12 July 2020
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A goal is an idea of the future or outcome that a person envisions to achieve. We all have goals that we strive to reach. These goals excite and pursue us to want more in life. Some goals happen to be short term while others turn out to be long term. Without goals, citizens wouldn’t get as far in life as many would expect us to.  

Currently, I’m majoring in general studies. General studies is a broad-based education major that includes a variety of skills and topics. These skills will help me further my decision on a field and degree. I plan to get to my career by maintaining a high grade point average and studying very hard. I also plan to master every assignment that I’m given and work overtime if necessary to achieve a high grade. 

However, Planning to work hard for these next few years won’t be easy. Dedication and being focused on my assignments will get me to my career. I can’t procrastinate or turn assignments in late. Creating a goal sheet will help me stay on track. This goal sheet will consist of my assignments, values, short-term and long-term achievements. It will also list my five and ten year dreams. 

In five years, I’ll be living in an apartment and finishing up college. I’ll still have to pay off my student loans and debt. I’ll already have a full-time job through an internship from my college. This job is an international health company that travels across the world to help those in need. Helping and taking care of patients is what my days will consist of. 

In addition, I see myself buying a new car and phone. I will have less responsibilities so that I can manage my job and school. I’ll be living my best life in London with my boyfriend and job. I just realized that my boyfriend will still be in college trying to finish up his degree in mechanical engineering. We will spend quality time with each other on our days off. 

In 10 years, my student loans and debt will be paid off. I’d be one of the managers at the health company with 2 kids. Praying every night with my kids and husband will occur. We’ll go on vacation trips together. Going back to college to major in business administration will be fun . I’ll even take training classes on the weekends to learn more about business. 

Additionally, my life will be stress free. I won’t have any drama to worry about. I’ll be shopping and cleaning more than usual. I can enjoy watching tv shows without having any distractions. Relaxing more than usual due to these new changes will be exciting as well. 

As shown above, I plan to reach these short and long term goals. The goal sheet will help me remember what my five and ten year dreams are. It’ll motivate me to strive harder and help others strive as well. These goals will be attained if we put a purpose behind them. With our five and ten year contingency plan, we should see some light on our goals.



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