If I Became a Teacher Essay Example

If one day I became a teacher, I will set up my classroom as an enjoyable place where my students can learn and feel safe, accepted, confident, and well-disciplined. I will strive to give them my best, I will treat them the way I want them to treat me.  I will respect them, care about them, encourage them and celebrate their success. To achieve this goal, I will rely on what I learned from theories and models of discipline. Like the medium control/interacting model and the low control/guiding model.

If I am an elementary school teacher, I would prefer to follow the medium control model, especially the guidelines of the cooperative discipline by Linda Alberts. I choose this discipline because it is a middle ground model, not too strict, not too lenient. With teacher’s and parent’s guidance, young students will gradually learn how self-control and self-discipline. My plan to implement this model would count on working in collaboration with my students and with their parents. I will practice Linda’s Albert 3 C’s: capability, connection, and contribution. I would make a big visual poster about these three words as a daily reminder for all of us. I would explain each word to them and how to practically include it in our activities. 

The capability word will remind me that my students are capable of learning. I will encourage them, cherish them, and feed their curiosity. We will celebrate every successful learning gain and achievement together. 

The connection word will prompt me to never forget to be kind, friendly, and caring about each other. When we are in class, we should treat each other like family.

The contribution word will emphasize that I should never forget to encourage them to work together as a team, to help each other, and to contribute to their favorite activities at class, school, home, or their community.

However, if I am a middle school or a high school teacher, I would carry out a different approach. I think the inner discipline model by Barbara Coloroso is very suitable for adolescents because this category of students tends to be more sensitive to criticism and usually favor more freedom and fewer restrictions. I will treat them with respect and compassion. I will believe that they are capable of learning how to control their behavior and how to self-regulate. I will help them recognize their problem behavior and will give them the freedom to find a way to correct it, I will never use harsh criticism or utter any shaming words. I would use reminders about the rules that we should follow in class. I would try to resolve any misbehavior using the tactics of the 3 R’s of Barbara Coloroso. Restitution, Resolution, and Reconciliation.

First, I would use restitution as a process to identify and properly correct the problem behavior with the student. Second, I will seek a resolution and try to find a way to prevent the same issue from happening again. And last, I will work on reconciliation by agreeing on a final solution to the problem behavior.


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