I Want To Be A Pediatric Nurse Essay Example

Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to work somewhere in the medical field because I have a passion and drive to help people as much as possible and to be a light in someone’s life. At the age of six, I knew that I wanted to be a registered nurse; but little did I know that I wanted to be a pediatric registered nurse. Through family experiences, working with kids, mission trips, and my experience in the hospital and nursing homes, my dedication and passion to become a nurse as immensely increased. 

From the time that I was able to fully comprehend everything that was going on in the doctor’s office, I fell in love with the healthcare field. Whether it was the nurse taking blood pressure, giving shots, or asking screening questions to the doctor actually diagnosing what was wrong with the patient, I wanted to learn more about every aspect of it. Every time I went into a medical setting, I was eager to experience new things and to develop an understanding of the different practices that occur.

Every time I went to the doctor’s office, I saw the love, determination, and compassion that was shown to the patients, and that has always pushed me to be a nurse. I aspire to have a career in healthcare due to the kindness, love, empathy, and comfort that the medical providers give to their patients. I saw the dedication and the passion that the nurses and doctors had in my own life, so I decided that I wanted to be just like them. They were always patient, willing to listen, and always did their best to help their patients feel better. Not every doctor visit was always delightful or filled with kind nurses/doctors, but that is a reason I want to pursue a career in the medical field.  I want to be able to make a difference in someone’s life, whether it is by doing something big or just by smiling and asking someone how their day is. Having a career as a nurse will help me be able to make a lasting impact in so many people’s lives. 

Over the last five years of my life, I have gone through many unexpected circumstances that have changed my life forever. My dad had to have major surgery on his cervical spine to fuse the bones together. My grandma had lower spinal surgery. My mom got into a wreck on the interstate that should have killed her; she was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. My grandfather, who I call Pe-Paw, almost died three times due to Group B Streptococcus; he also has stage 3 liver and kidney cancer. Then my other grandfather, who I call Paw-Paw, recently went through quadruple bypass surgery. Through all of these medical crises, my family turned to me because I am the only person who knows anything medical related—even though I do not know a lot of information at the moment. It felt great to be the one that people relied on and to be the person that could help so many people. Because of this, my passion continues to grow every day because I know that being accepted into the upper division nursing program will actually enable me to gain medical knowledge that can save someone’s life and maybe even one of my family members. 

While being at the hospital with my family, the medical providers who were the most compassionate and kind were the ones that made the biggest impact on my family and I. Because of them, I want to be able to give to others and pour out into other people’s lives just like they did in mine. I do not think that they knew how much their tenderheartedness impacted me, but I believe that is the most rewarding thing that can happen in the nursing profession. 

I know that I want to be a pediatric registered nurse because I have a burning passion for kids. Growing up in church, there were always kids running around in the nursery and in children’s church. As soon as I was old enough to start helping out, I jumped onto the opportunity without any hesitation. I also went on mission trips with my church that helped set up events for kids, and I was able to work them. I was also involved with running a summer camp for kids while I was in high school. Since then, my heartbeat has been for kids. I am a babysitter for two families back in my hometown, and I have raised one little girl since before she turned one. I currently work at CRMC Childcare Center, so I get to engage with children of all ages—as well was their parents. Even though I am not providing medical care to the children, I still enjoy the interactions and connections that I make with the kids. 

My experience with my Clinical Internship my senior year of high school also helped to lead my decision to become a pediatric nurse. My first rotation was in West Hall at Tri-star Horizon Medical Center, which is a step down from the ICU. There was a lot of geriatric patients on this hall. My second rotation was in the Cardiac Cath Lab, so the patients were there for their procedure then left. My third rotation was in the Emergency Room, which was really interesting. I also completed my CNA license coursework through NHC, so I was also able to gain experience with long-term geriatric care. Through all of that, I realized that I want to spend the rest of my life caring for children and helping their families though their child’s sickness.

I know that my calling is to be a registered nurse. Everything that has happened in my life—both the good and the bad—has shaped me into the person that I am today. I know what it feels like to have family members sick in the hospital, and I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with so many emotions and questions. Being able to provide medical care and comfort to patients and their families will be so rewarding and important because nurses have the most interactions with patients—as well as being the primary communication between the patient and the doctor.


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