I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essay Example

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A person can be judged by their wealth and not only by their actions. But, when people interact with each other they find out many ideas.  Marguerite's interaction with Mrs. Flowers showed everyone has loyalty. When Marguerite’s selflessness encounters with Mrs. Flower’s acceptance and embracement, Marguerite realizes the moral lessons Mrs. Flower possesses with the use of her words.

Maya Angelou uses Mrs. Flowers's aristocracy to make her seem like a wealthy and such a high standard before the interaction with Margueritte. Whenever Mrs. Flowers goes through town “she [is] the answer to the richest woman” the community sees(2).  She is a part of the highest social class and society has a limited amount of those people making Mrs. Flower look more superior to the others.  The richest woman in the town would show not only her wealth, but her presence is felt in the community. 

As Mrs. Flowers enters a store in the city not a single stroller would “have thought of getting close enough to Mrs. Flower”  as the fear of “ruffel[ing] her dress” would come into the thoughts of the townspeople(3). Mrs. Flowers's high emblem also causes worry to the people around her making her look wealthy and fearful towards the community.  The wealth of Mrs. Flowers designates as people will never go near her outfit. Before the interaction with Margaritte and Mrs. Flowers in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” author Maya Angelou shows the reader how superior and prosperous Mrs. Flowers is, that changes outlooks of her image in the community.  

Maya Angelou's use of the interaction between Margaritte and Mrs. Flowers shows when you get to know a person by heart and not by their image they can grow and infuse lessons like wisdom and integrity into others through information.  Margaritte already senses the kindness and wisdom of Mrs. Flower when she gets “invited into the private lives of strangers[Mrs. Flowers], and to share their joys and fears” with each other and learn many lessons(30). 

Between the interaction with the two, they learned about each other and not just their appearance and the way that they live.  The life of an aristocrat can be private to the lives of a townsperson, but Mrs. Flowers accepted that reality with Margaritte and made it joyful and pleasurable.  Even though Flowers is wealthy and seemed supreme she taught Margaritte a life lesson to “be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy” around the people in the town(23). The way Mrs. Flowers lives and she must know how to act towards people like that in the town that have fewer opportunities.   A person that high of the social pyramid is wise to know how to accept the intolerant, but understand the illiterate people in her community.  In, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Maya Angelou uses the interaction between Margaritte and Mrs. Flower to show the reader how the value of words can infuse comfort and approval towards society.



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