How Technology Changed Our World. The Effect of Modern Technologies Essay Example

The PERSIAT Categories are important in helping us better understand history. It is important to ask more questions than just the surface to get a better understanding of what happened in the past. The PERSIAT categories help us to do this because they address the most important parts of civilization. One of the most helpful categories is technological. The technological category is the most important because it helps us to better understand what advances different civilizations made, how they used them in their everyday lives, and what affects technological advances had on society.  

As different civilizations progressed they developed new technologies to help them live better and longer lives. In Ancient China, in around 220 B.C., the first dynasty created flood control and irrigation. This helped people have more stable crops and helped communities not become flooded with water. Also, roads and canals were built. This led to major developments in trade and agriculture. The invention of coins greatly helped the development of trade. In Phoenicia, ships were crucial to their civilization. The first ships in around 1400 B.C. were crude with only rowers and no sails. But, the Phoenicians developed their ships with steering oars in the back of the ship and a single sail to catch the wind. Sailors became more dependent on sails but rowers were still necessary when the wind was not in their favor. These small advances in technology have majorly affected our society today. We still use a more advanced version of all of these technologies today.   

Advances in technologies made major changes in the everyday lives of many people. The invention of fire made it it so people could stay warm and cook their food. This elongated their lives and caused less deaths from hypothermia and salmonella. Another example of this is the invention of the wheel. It helped people get around faster and made getting goods from further locations more accessible. Also, it made working in the fields easier because people could roll carts full of grains or other crops. But, technology also has a major effect on our lives today. The wheel is now used in cars, airplanes, and many other technologies. These advances have major effects on civilization even though they may seem small.            

The advances in technology in the ancient world haven shaped how our world functions today. Without new inventions and technology, it would be hard for people to live longer and more quality lives. For example, if the invention of the sail never happened in Phoenicia then, the discovery of North America then the Europeans would have never happened. Another important technology that shaped our modern world is irrigation systems. Irrigation helped communities have a stable and nutritious food supply. Excess food could also be stored for winter. Without a steady food supply, people could not live long and quality lives. These technologies helped in developing the modern world we have today and it is very difficult to imagine our lives without them.   

To sum it up, new technology was crucial to the advancement in societies around the world. The PERSIAT category is important because it helps us to understand how different civilizations advanced, how new technologies were used in people's everyday lives, and how ancient technological advances have shaped our modern world. I believe that technology is the most important PERSIAT category because it can show us how different societies developed over time. Also, we can see how those societies could have evolved to function as our world does today. New technologies have and will continue to make the world better.