How to Survive in Wildlife Essay Example

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One of the strongest desires that humans feel is the desire to survive. The basic things needed to survive fall into three basic categories: food, water, and shelter. One of the biggest components needed to survive is water. Tarps actually can aid with the gathering of water. If a tarp is set up in a certain way it will accumulate water. At night water will gather on the tarp in the form of dew and will run down into a prepared container. In this way, you can get already purified water from a simple tarp. The second component is food. Without food, there is no chance of survival. A knife helps to gather and open fruit. It also allows you to hunt and to skin animals. The last component is shelter. Tarps can help to form shelters, but they are not held up without the help of rope. Ropes are used to hang tarps or other shelters.

They can hold the shelter together and make it more stable. All of these components help to keep a person alive. In order to get off an island, however you need help from an outside force. You can get this help with a mirror. Mirrors act as a quick way to alert planes and other vehicles of your whereabouts. The flash from a mirror can be seen up to ten miles away or more. This helps decrease the amount of time you have to spend on an island. A tarp, a knife, some rope, and a mirror all help in a survival situation.

Monuriki is a small, uninhabited island near Fiji that has a wide range of wildlife and resources. It is one of the larger islands in a group known as the Mamanuca Islands. The island has both a coral reef and a volcano. In the article “Monuriki” by Omics International it states “the vegetation consists mainly of higher screw pines, or pandanus, coconut, and associated species.” the article later goes on to describe how both iguanas and goats live on the island meaning that there is a wide range of wildlife on the island.

Monuriki is one of the best islands to be stranded on because of its extensive wildlife and stable environment. In the same article by Omics International, it outlines how the island “is consistently warm for the majority of the year, with extreme weather being a rarity.” Having stable weather makes the island predictable and therefore easier to live on. Monuriki also has a wide range of wildlife. The wildlife includes plants, land animals, sea animals, and birds. Monuriki wildlife makes it the ideal place to be stranded because it gives people access to different resources that are necessary for survival.

The island Monuriki is populated with palm trees. Palm fronds are some of the best building materials that can be found on an island. They can provide some good cover against the weather and can create an insulated shelter. I would likely build a simple lean-to shelter when I first got on the island and then later upgrade to a better shelter that would be more protective and comfortable. The lean-to shelter would have a frame made out of sticks. The frame would be covered in palm fronds and would have a simple floor that was also made out of palm fronds. This is a simple and effective shelter that could actually last a long time.

Food can be found both on land and in the ocean on Monuriki. On land, there is access to coconut trees and other fruit trees that make food easy to gather. These fruits can provide a lot of basic food sources. On the island of Monuriki, there are also birds and iguanas. These are also an excellent source of energy and help to provide you with more variety in your diet. They can be obtained by creating traps or in the case of iguanas by getting them with a knife. The ocean has a large quantity of fish that are relatively easy to catch. By making a net out of a rope the fish are an easy catch. They can also be caught with the assistance of a knife.

A tarp is most useful in the building of a shelter. Tarps can be made into simple shelters. These shelters help to keep individuals dry during the night. This, in turn, helps them to gain energy and feel more motivated to survive. Tarps also act as insulators against extreme temperatures. Water can be gathered with a tarp. Both shelters and water help to maintain people's wellbeing.

Ropes have various purposes that help to enable individuals to do many different things like building a shelter or scavenging for food. Rope can be used to construct a shelter. It holds the structure up and makes it secure. Ropes can also be used for scavenging for food. With even a small rope people can make traps for birds or other animals. They can also create nets that make the capturing of fish extremely easy. The construction of shelters and the capturing of fish demonstrate the usefulness of rope.



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