How Shakspeare Shows the Negative Side of Ambitions in Macbeth Essay Example

People all over the world have things that they want in life. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that may want something too bad that they may want to either betray someone for something that they want. This is due to the person having too much ambition. Which can result in a person in a person doing too much to get what they want. In Shakespeare play Macbeth he wrote it to convey an idea of guilt through Macbeth. With Macbeth killing or getting someone to kill all of the people that was either friends with him once before or loyal to him you can see how Macbeth was too ambitious to keep his spot as king and not have to worry about any one interfering with his spot as king. 

Shakespeare first proves an idea of too much ambition through Macbeth in the first idea when Macbeth gets the idea of killing Duncan, a person he was loyal to just to become king. When Duncan states “He was a gentlemen on whom I built an absolute trust.” (I, IV, 15-16). This means that Macbeth was trusted way too much by Duncan and that this is way too unfortunate that Macbeth even had the idea to even kill someone who was trusted and loyal too, but having too much ambition can lead to situation like this. Ambition in most cases can result in good deeds but when having too much ambition it can result in the betrayal of someone you know and trust. As explained in this play it was apparent that Macbeth was too ambitious for power and he had to betray a person he was loyal to. 

Shakespeare further proves his idea about having too much ambition through Macbeth in Act III when Macbeth says, “both of you know Banquo was your enemy” (III, I, 124-125). This is when Macbeth is encouraging the murders to kill Banquo by feeding them false information about him. When Banquo is further killed later in the scene when Macbeth convinces them. Ambition is shown through this when showing how when Macbeth got Banquo killed just because he didn’t want Banquo to take his spot as king or interfere with his position as a king of Scotland.  

Shakespeare concludes his idea about too much ambition through Macbeth in Act IV when Macbeth decides to kill Macduff's family to prevent anyone in his family from getting the royal position. “The castle of Macduff I will surprise, Seize upon Fife.” This was done by Macbeth because he wanted to prevent anyone one from becoming king in Macduff's family this shows that Macbeths ambition is too much to where he would have to murder an entire family so that he could hopefully keep his royal spot as king of Scotland. 

Throughout the acts of the characters in the play, the reader is able to apprehend Shakespeare's meaning of having too much ambition. Macbeth's actions throughout the play emphasizes the fact that Macbeth let his ambition take over him leading to him betraying multiple other people that he once cared about.



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