How to Protect Mountain Gorilla. An Animal Extinction Essay Example

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Each year mountain gorillas are killed due to disease, land shortage and technology. Seven types of gorillas are in the world, the most extinct is mountain gorilla. 790 mountain gorillas remain in the wild, The topics will be on how they die from disease, how they get kicked out of their habitat and how they get help and die from technology for the mountain gorillas. If people want to learn about mountain gorillas they will be learning about the gorillas in the next three paragraphs. Due to disease, land shortage, and technology mountain gorillas are killed each year.

Mountain gorillas have been going extinct due to people. People carry diseases that they do not know they are causing. “We need to remain extremely vigilant, particularly for the threat posed by the transmission of human-borne diseases that are relatively innocuous for us, but potentially fatal to other primates.”(said Alison Mollon.) Pollution near their habitat is also a factor that is killing the mountain gorillas. Air pollution from buildings and cars get mountain gorillas sick and kills some. Tourists get close enough that the oils on the skin can get the mountain gorillas sick.

The most popular diseases are Ebola and Pneumonia.  Pneumonia is the disease that mostly kills mountain gorillas. Another danger to a wide variety of gorilla population are plaques like Ebola. Gorillas can give Ebola to humans, but if humans have it before gorillas do the human gives Ebola to the gorilla. Bugs and parasites that affect humans also affect gorillas. Some parasites are in gorillas and humans and cause the same amount of damage, but malaria parasites, during a meal a mosquito releases merozoites and that is the definition of malaria parasites, (which is from mosquito bites) affect gorillas often worse than humans. Park rangers try to keep humans far away from gorillas and other animals so the humans and the animals do not get hurt or sick, which is often a reason a lot of zoos do not have gorillas, so they do not get sick from people that do not cover their cough or sneeze.

Another big reason they are dying is from the oil mines, the fumes from the oil, the machines they are using to cut the mines. That is also taking their land. Sometimes people can not help that they are sick, that is why rangers try to keep people away. People who are sick should not get close to any animals, they should not even go to a zoo or go on a tour.

The mountain gorillas get kicked out of an area by business owners building stuff for their company. One company type is the oil mine business. If there is oil in one specific area, they are not gonna care what animal lives there. They are just going to do what they want without anybody's consent. There are companies that build businesses to try to help the economy, but in the long run, they are hurting wildlife. Sometimes there are forest fires, some by people and some the dryness in the air.

The Gorillas are getting trapped from falling trees and sometimes the corpses do not get found, “The work of IGCP- is to facilitate collaborative actions for the conservation of mountain gorillas and their habitat.”(said Anna Behm Masozera.) Deforestation is a reason that mountain gorillas are going extinct. The trees are getting cut down to make paper, firewood, or even just to make room for buildings. When mountain gorillas get threatened, they do not know what to do so they hide and then fumes from buildings and cars get into their lungs.

Traps don't get set out for Mountain Gorillas often, the Gorillas walk into the trap from the smell of the bait. There are researchers that have seen young Mountain Gorillas dismantle snares and the researchers do not know how they are learning to do so. Traps are set up so poachers get animals to sell. The technology they use to help prevent Mountain Gorilla extinction are cameras. If someone sees a gorilla getting hurt or in a trap, they should not try to help and they should call higher officials.

There are some people that volunteer to help watch gorillas and to make sure they do not get hurt in any way. If they catch someone or something hurting a mountain gorilla they call it in so higher officials can go assist the gorillas' aid, whether it is to tranquilize it or to stop a poacher from killing the gorilla. The main equipment that is being used to prevent mountain gorilla extinction is technology. It is getting used as hidden cameras, trackers on the mountain gorillas so researchers can do some research on the gorillas, and if they see someone killing or hurting the mountain gorillas they can turn that person into the higher authorities.

So is the government trying to prevent mountain gorilla extinction? Yes, they are because they have technology now that can track how much gorillas there are. If they check and one is missing, there are reasons they can look for which are diseases, habitat loss, and technology. They might not be helping fast enough, but they are trying their best to succeed at what they are doing to help/save the mountain gorillas.  Some researchers want to put a hidden camera in some of the habitats so if there is any suspicious activity then they can go find the person and ask them what he or she is doing, and if they are lying they get into more trouble.



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