How Necessary is Multi Language Essay Example

How Necessary is Multi Language Essay Example
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📌Published: 29 April 2021

A student who has studied in a different country will have a great job and salary. Also, the student will get a lot of advantages because of studying in different countries. According to (peakenkam, McEntir, Williams, 2013, p.174) the statistic shows that the student who speak more than one language have a better job. Many students who study out of there countries need to learn the language that they speak in that country, it means the student will be multilingualism. If the student is multilingualism will get more benefits in their jobs. Countries should care about multilingualism because it will give them a lot of benefits. There are two benefits will happen if countries started to care about multilingualism, they are, great economy, knowledge society. 

First, the countries will have a great economy, which will make it a rich or wealthy country. It means that they will get more income for in-tier life. Also, it will increase the economy because if most of the people speak more than two languages will make the business running without stopping. It means that a country can get anything from any country without having a problem with communicating with the dealer. For example, if the president of china wants to talk with any president to buy weapons the chines president does not need to bring a translator, and it will be a secret no one will know about it. It will make people understanding most of the things that go into their country and the outer countries. And communicate with the people who visit their country.  

Second, people will be more knowledgeable than when they were speaking one language. If the country has a lot of knowledge it will make the country one of the best countries in the world. If the country has knowledge society, it will give them a lot of benefits one of the benefits is people will be more creative and will do something that will make the country in the top because the individual can multilingualism and individual know a lot of things about different countries. Also, if countries have knowledge of society, they will show their country culture, which will make the world know a lot about their culture and the country.

For example, when people explain their colter and what they have in social media that will make everyone come to visit their country, Saudi Arabia doing the same thing right now they pay for people who speak more than one language to take video and talk about what are the activities In Saudi Arabia. In the past, people think SA is just desert, but right now the world is starting to know a lot about SA because if multilingualism the world is starting to know SA. There some people who think that there are disadvantages of leaning more than one language.

Finally, multilingualism is very necessary for the country and society. Some people think it has a lot of benefits for them and for their countries. On the other hand, there are some people think multilingualism is not necessary for their countries and their society. Also, they think it has disadvantages for their society. There are two disadvantages of multilingualism some people think it will make a problem in society. First, some people think it will make the student think about different things, for example, they will not think about their major, and they will have bad grades in their subjects because they are focusing on learning new languages.

Second, there will be confusing and disturbance for the families if all of them speak more than one language when they are communicating. It means they will start mixing words from different languages with their native language. So, they will have some difficulty understanding each other. According to (Sun& Salahuddin, 2016, p.8) “create a seans of confusion and disorientation because the individual has a strong knowledge of his or her native language”

In conclusion, there are two advantages for the countries of multilingualism, they are, the economy will increase, the individual will have more knowledge. It is very important for countries to use multilingualism. Countries will have a lot of income because of multilingualism. People will be more knowledgeable and more creative. The country needs to make people speak more than one language.


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