Horror Essay Example: Movies

Many people enjoy horror movies, whether it’s to cheer the killer or enjoy the thrill, whether to pass time quick or have a marathon. Horror movies may be a harmless pastime, but most don’t take the time to appreciate them for what they fully are. Unfortunately some won’t take the time to see them in the first place. Horror movies are coined as scary, can cause discomfort, and sometimes have a hidden meaning.

Horror an amazing genre that is hardly granted a chance, out of fear or first impressions given. The most common fear shared is clowns, which is exactly why It the mini tv series was unnerving when the main antagonist was a clown. In the opening of the movie we see an innocent child, named George, playing with a paper boat his brother made for him, as he chases his boat it gets pulled into a sewer, while being upset over his loss, George encounters, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who converses with him, trying to convince him to join him in the drain, when George is offered his boat back he takes the bait and meets his demise, eaten by the clown.

Many movie goers opposed a child being hurt let alone killed, 29 years later, and this clown continues to haunt many people, especially with reboots coming out. Involving children in a movie is a risky move because it makes people have second thoughts, such as with Children of the Corn, a movie revolving around children being in a religious cult and sacrificing adults and traitors to He Who Stalks the Rows. A franchise usually has the same theme in every movie, however Halloween 3, made many fans differ in opinions. In this film, the movie no longer focuses on Michael Myers, the serial killer from the two previous films, but pays homage to 50s and 60s horror movies. Various people got the wrong impression of the movie from advertisements, it acts more as a mystery rather than a slasher film, eventually the mystery leads to an insane conspiracy by a mad man who plans on using Halloween masks to sacrifice children. Fear and impressions go hand in hand when deciding on what movie to watch.

Furthermore, if a movie has controversial themes or graphic visuals it tends to make people uncomfortable. For example in The Texas Chain Massacre, the first scene contains a decapitated head, who would be fine with seeing a severed head? Probably a serial killer, when the 5 people continue their road trip they encounter a hitchhiker and offer him a ride, when he joins them, the audience can clearly see there’s something off about him, after kicking him off and forced to go to an abandoned house for sanctuary they find it isolated near the woods and empty. When the protagonists died the deaths were ugly, they weren’t styled to be pleasing to the audience. Another instant would be in The Exorcist when Pazuzu possess the main character, 12-year-old Regan, he makes her masturbate with a crucifix for approximately a minute, this made many people exit the theaters early. Cannibalism is looked down by society, which is why audiences were bothered when Wrong Turn 2 normalized the cannibalistic family. It makes them act normal, such as having a home, being a typical family of four and sitting together for dinner. When gender comes into play many people take offense, but back in 1983 when Sleepaway Camp was released, people were not as offended.

This movie follows a young girl, 14-year-old  Angela, who goes with her cousin to camp, the events of the movie include people being killed and her cousin being suspected of being the one responsible, while you watch Angela go through camp activities and develop a crush on a boy named Paul. In the end, Paul suggests that him and Angela go skinny dipping, she murders him and two counselors find her after learning the truth, that Angela is the killer and biologically a boy, the real Angela, his sister, died and Peter, or ‘Angela’, was raised by his aunt, who raised him as a female because she already had a boy and wanted a girl. Forcing an ideal on someone makes them confuse and not accepting it worsens the problem. People do not take the time to see things that disturb them and ignore the greater value, they might have.

Moreover, people do not tend to investigate the deeper meaning of horror movies, we believe that they are just blood, gore, and scares, but movies like Silence of The Lambs prove otherwise.  In Silence of The Lambs you get to witness insanity, through the perspective of the antagonists Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill. It contrasts a sociable and charismatic cannibal and an unsociable and deranged crossdresser. In doing so it shows that while there are obvious and visible signs of insanity we can observe in people, it also shows that sometimes because one is insane it does not mean that they are incapable of pretending to be otherwise  Another movie would be Trick r Treat in this movie we follow different short stories which included a trick or treater named Sam in the background which all interconnect into one big story ,centered around Halloween and its many meanings. One more example would be Hellraiser, in this particular movie the main antagonist in the film Frank is dragged to hell through seeking out the greatest sensual pleasure, however after the movies opening he comes back and now desires  more than anything to never go there again through a series of sequences Franks niece Kirsty eventually ends up in possession of  the artifact he used to enter hell and narrowly avoids being dragged herself by promising the creatures she would bring Frank to them eventually succeeding in the films climax. The creatures or cenobites are physical representations of the dark desires’ humans have Kirsty is almost taken as well showing even seemly innocent people are just as corruptible. If you look past the rough exterior of these movies there’s more to appreciate, such as ideas and stories that people can relate to that they do not initially.

As expressed, horror movies are not given a chance, because they make people feel uneasy or have a meaning many do not understand. If people took the time to fully watch a movie, invested their time, looked past their personal taboos they would better understand it, and see that there is more to horror movies than they thought.



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