Hatshepsut Essay Example

Hatshepsut Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 September 2021

Who is the famous Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut? Well, Hatshepsut is one of the most well known Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt’s time, she so famous because of her difference to pretty much every other Pharaoh, she’s a women. Hatshepsut was born 1508 BC, one of the daughters of the famous pharaoh Thutmose the 1st.  Hatshepsut grew up in a household of 5 and was the 2nd daughter to the leaders Thutmose 1 and Ahmose. She grew up knowing there was no possible way she could be a leader or Pharaoh, it was always intended to be her half brother soon to be husband Thutmose the 2nd. However,  little did she know one day she will become one of the most famous leaders in ancient Egypt history. 

Hatshepsut's story as to how she became king is very unique and  fascinating. It all started when Hatshepsut's father unfortunately passed away , her father died in 1493 after 13 years as Pharaoh. After his death like most other Pharaohs the crown went straight to his son. So for 14 years her half brother and husband was king until he unfortunately passed away. So like usual the crown went to his son, except his son with his other wife was only a toddler ( three to be precise) and was far too young to rule.  So, Hatshepsut came up with the brilliant plan to be the pharaoh.until Thutmose iii was old enough to rule which was surprisingly very common when Pharaohs were too young, old, away or sick . So, From there she became a Pharaoh for 22 years and during that time she was called the 1st female king.

Hatshepsut had a extremely different mindset to a lot of different Pharaohs. She did a lot of successful things in her 22 years as leader, most of her intentions as Pharaoh were met. First of all, she reinstated the trade network which involved many different countries. The biggest trade mission known was the one with the African Kingdom of Punt, which had many ships of goods to exchange. Soon after, she began to fix and build monuments, she built a building in her name the temple of Hatshepsut ( The Egyptian name Dsr-dsrw) which was for drawings of gods and her life. Being a great Pharaoh she fought alongside the military and commonly dressed up as a man to make people feel they were still being ruled and helped by a man. Hatshepsut also did something very different she have no intentions at all to attempt to take over and conquer new land. 

We can all admit that Hatshepsut had a very long and successful time as Pharaoh. Hatshepsut’s reign ended in January 1458 BC, they estimated that it was January 16. Thutmose the 3rd her stepson and nephew who now was old enough to rule took over the kingdom. He also had a very successful time as leader and was Pharaoh for almost 54 years! Not long after Hatshepsut gave the throne to Thutmose the 3rd. Soon after, Hatshepsut unfortunately died from what’s thought to be bone cancer, she was 55 years old. Hatshepsut had her tomb buried in valley of the kings because she was considered a King hence she was placed in the valley of kings. However, there is a theory that Hatshepsut's art, monuments and stories about her were attempted to be removed from history. A lot of people believe that it was Thutmose the 3rd because she took over what was meant to be his, or he wanted the line of rulers to be all male so people didn’t think it was the pharaoh line was messed up. Luckly, Hatshepsut knew that something like this would happen so she made many different documents about her so that it would be impossible to attempt to erase all of her information.

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