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  • Published: 25 April 2021
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Hatched is a book about a kid named Brian Robeson. Brian is on his way to see his dad in a single-engine plane when it crashes into the heart of the Canadian wilderness with nothing but his clothes and his hatchet.

Brian is a 13-year-old boy who is the main character in this book. He changed a  lot from being somewhat happy in the plane flying but when the pilot has a heart attack. Then he panics and that is a big change because without the crash there would be no story. And when he was all sad and depressed he figured out how to start a fire and he became happy and thought he might survive. Also, he found the survival bag with all the food he again thought he might survive.

One of the conflicts Brian comes into is the plane crash which puts him in a live or die situation. Also when he got hit in the leg by the porcupine. He also saw a bear and freaked out with was a big conflict because he could have been clawed or eaten. He also could not find fresh water or food until he found fruits and emergency kit found in the plane which multiple MRE which means meals ready to eat.Which was a big change because it could allow him to survive. Which he learned he might survive and get home to see his parents. 

The resolution is when he found the emergency survival bag from the plane crash and found a lot of food and the Emergency Transmitter. Which he turned it on and off thinking it got water damage due to being in the crash but he left it on and someone from an aircraft came and found him and told him they gave of looking for him a long time ago. As he was told he was eating his feast of food he found in the crash.

Personally I liked the book I think it connects to the i survived series which both involve surviving bad situations. He can compare to some of the charters considering both are very resourceful and good at surviving.i did not learn much from this book due to already knowing most of the things brian did in the book. I did think I learned much from the book like how to survive in the wild considering i already knew how to. In conclusion, I would recommend the book to almost anyone interested in the topic.



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