Habits of Mind Essay Example 2

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  • Published: 07 April 2021
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As the first fall semester of college begins, one's learning and understanding from highschool begins to either strengthen, develop, or diminish. According to the list provided in the syllabus "Habits of Mind", the two critical learning approaches of mine are creativity and responsibility. Although I have other skills that I should exercise more often, I'll focus on flexibility since that seems to relate to my current situation: the start to college.

Foremost, my most basic habit in my day-to-day learning that involves from my part-time job to school is responsibility. From being late to work to missing an assignment, I've always taken the opportunity to accept the consequences and take ownership of my faults. Because of my position as a manager at a fast-food restaurant, I lead my co-workers into performing their tasks while satisfying customers. This position takes responsibility in taking charge and fixing mistakes such as a minor food complaint. From exposure of actual consequences set by my boss, it has allowed me to corporate responsibility skills into the classroom setting. As the semester progresses, I will use those skills to ensure myself to complete assignments. One personal goal for this semester is to stay on top of my assignments. Responsibility plays a critical role in producing a productive and efficient workforce. 

Onto my next habit, I would consider this habit to be crucial because as an artist, creativity is a fundamental component for art. Creativity allows me to take different perspectives of one's daily life and express interesting ideas to others. I believe my creativity would definitely help me out this semester, however, there are moments where I have absolutely no creativity. Does that mean I'm not? Of course not, I view myself as one because of my desire to making distinctive ideas or generating new conversations. Utilizing such habits creates an imaginative atmosphere that excites me. As much as I like to showcase my artwork, I inspire to translate that same creativity into my writing. For the upcoming weeks, I hope this course will engage not only me, but every single student into creating a piece of work that fascinates one another through . 

However, a habit of mind I would like to enhance is flexibility. As I transition from highschool to college, it is an adjustment that I believed I wasn't ready for. At times, I would feel as if I would not fulfill expectations because my lack of flexibility. My hope is to gain insightful skills in adapting to unfamiliar situations and design a set time management schedule. Changes in different settings, ideas, or work affects me. I am one who follows to an according plan. Beginning a new chapter of my life is a significant, life-changing event because from what I've expressed, I'm not quite fond of adapting.

Through writing my habits of mind, it has enabled me to focus on my two strengths and how it will partake in the course; however, I had to think deeply on what I need to improve. I aim to take charge on the different changes in pace or classroom setting. By the end, I strive to adapt and balance imminent new experiences.



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