Growth Mindset Essay Example

Failure is evident but how one deals with it is what is important. Most people do not handle their failure well, but other people look at failure in a whole different perspective. An individual who has a growth mindset faces failure by not dwelling on it, learning from their mistakes, and making the failure an opportunity to improve.

People with growth mindset do not dwell on their shortcomings. Wilson says that, “Youth with a growth mindset do not dwell on failure- they see failure as a problem to be solved through additional learning and effort.” They embrace the fact that they may fail and do not see failure as a bad thing. On the other hand,  “Youth with a fixed mindset interpret failures as inability and anticipate future failures,” states Wilson. People with a fixed mindset fear failure and avoid challenges because they think it will affect their self image (Michael). Overall the reaction to failure is different between people with growth mindset and ones without it.

Ones with growth mindset learn from their mistakes. Sivers states in his TED talk that, “The way you learn is by making mistakes.” For example, when you lift a weight that is too heavy it tears parts of the muscle and it regrows stronger. Just like a muscle, when you push your brain to the point it makes mistakes it learns and grows way more than when no mistakes are made (Sivers). They see failure as a chance to learn from their shortcomings and as a way to get better. Instead, most fail and try to avoid it the next time and don’t gain any knowledge from their experience (Wilson). Primarily, people with growth mindset don’t see failure as a bad thing but instead as a learning opportunity.

People with growth mindset see failure as a chance to improve. As Michael explains in his article when someone with growth mindset fails they see that as a challenge to put more effort in and to get better from the failure. On the other hand, people with fixed mindset don’t want the challenge and try to avoid effort (Michael). Nigel describes people with a growth mindset as being able to handle negative feedback better and use it to improve. On the other hand people with a fixed mindset recent criticism and tend to take it more personally than it is usually meant to be (Michael).  In general, people with growth mindset use shortcomings as an opportunity to personally better themselves.

In conclusion, ones with a growth mindset face failure by not dwelling on it, learning from the mistakes they make, and seeing failure as an opportunity to improve. This is some important incite on why one should aspire to get a growth mindset. Imagine if all people developed a growth mindset!




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