The Greatest Showman Review. Essay on Circus Industry

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Released in 2017, “The Greatest Showman” tells an exciting story of the origins of the circus industry and where it came from. The musical was directed by Michael Gracey, written by Bill Condon and Jenny Bicks, and included some of the most well-known actors and actresses: Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, and Zac Efron. The film used the perspectives of multiple characters to give the audience insight on how the events affected all of them. As a result, the audience was able to have an emotional connection to each character and the circumstances they are put through. The film had very great quality in many areas; the attention to detail was one factor that put “The Greatest Showman” at the top of the movies released that year. 

The movie follows the life journey of P.T. Barnum from childhood to adulthood. It shows his rags-to-riches experience and shares the important moments that shaped who he was and his thought process. As more characters are introduced, the movie begins to follow their life stories and experiences. Since the plot goes on to include the conflicts of all the characters, various topics and themes are addressed in the movie. Major topics include the struggles of relationships, love, and loyalty.

Not only are romantic relationships tested, but also family and friendships. The audience is shown that true happiness can be found from simplicity and that true love does truly exist. Another major topic included in the movie is diversity. The movie takes place in the 1850s- a time period where many people were mistreated for their differences. This is shown through the circus characters and variety of races who show the struggle people faced during this time. However, the film shows encourages that differences are not always bad and that they should be embraced. 

Musicals include the intriguing story line that movies do, while also adding in the elements of song and dance. “The Greatest Showman” changed the mood of the movie to match the events happening in the story line using colors, songs, and sounds. After watching the movie, I was left feeling happier and was able to forget about the stress of the day while focusing on the film. While there were many parts of the musical that stood out and where done very well, there were some that could have been better.

The singing and dancing were two things that stood out in the musical. These two elements were done very well and included small details that made them even better. In the songs, “The Other Side” and “The Greatest Show”, the writer of the music incorporated and emphasized sounds that might not have been audible to the audience underneath the rest of the music. However, this allowed the songs to have an authenticity and to give the audience the experience of being in the film. Another detail that was done very well was the use of colors for different moods.

This was shows through the vibrancy of the exciting scenes, such as the circus performances, and the darker color schemes for sadder scenes. The musical does address history and many of the problems relevant to the time but fails to tell the true story of P.T. Barnum and the development of the circus. The true story does not involve the same people of dramatic plot twists featured in the movie, which can give the audience a false idea as to what truly happened. However, the incorporation of these elements not found in the true historical account add more to the plot and make the film more interesting. 

“The Greatest Showman” is worth taking the time to watch to gain a deeper understanding of many of the struggles that were faced by people in the 1850s and to be entertained by the beautiful cinematography, dancing, and songs. Even though the musical includes elements that are not found in the real story of P.T. Barnum and his circus, the film does a fantastic job at creating an entertaining story that teaches many important and valuable lessons.



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