Great Is The Key To Success Essay Example

Great Is The Key To Success Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 September 2021

Have  you ever thought about going sky diving or swimming with sharks,these risk taking activities all include some form of grit. Angela Duckworth studied children and adults in challenging environments, including West Point military cadets, national spelling bee contestants, and rookie teachers in difficult schools. In each study, she and her research team asked the same question: “Who is successful here and why?” Grit can be explained in many different ways making it more different to collect data about it.

Grit is being able to persevere and to have confidence in yourself  and be a risk taker. What that means is having the ability to have faith in yourself and work hard for the things you want in life. Vincent van Gouh  is one great example of a gritty person.When he first started painting his work was very underappreciated,but he kept on persevering and moving forward and is now remembered for his work. So how is grit measured?

The test I made was based on determination and bravery.I asked these questions because I wanted to see if my classmates would participate in risk taking events and activities.  I created my test on a google form and it consisted of 5 multiple choice questions.I took  the answers from the questions and averaged them together and then got my total.

About 75% of the class answered yes to my risk taking questions and the other 25% answered no. The two different tests were similar but yet different because they both tested people’s gritty ness but both focused on a different topic.The questions I asked were very basic compared to Duckworths questions that she asked, her questions were very complex and detailed.

I suspect Duckworth's test was more accurate because she spent several days studying these people and grabbing lots of data from them. She studied many different people all a part different groups and lifestyles, as we only studied one group of students. Duckworths test was more accurate because she had much more data than we did.

Overall I don’t agree that grit can be measured and It all depends on different traits and opinions. Just like personalities or beliefs can’t be measured therefore I don’t think grit can be either.But I did learn that there are people in my class that will go above and beyond to do crazy things and have lots of bravery.

Remember! This is just a sample.

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