Finding Meaningfulness in A Career Essay Example

The meaningfulness of every career will look different to every individual. A person should choose a career that they love doing, and not for the amount of money that job pays. Choosing a job is hard for some people, as it involves narrowing down to one specific career. There are many different careers out there, and sometimes, before a person finds a specific career that they love and find meaning in, they often go through several careers. Consider the following different career choices: a military person, an auto mechanic, and a doctor. The job of an auto mechanic is to fix cars, their job is to fix cars, and car parts. People may find joy in fixing cars, but nothing compares to making a change in someone's life or serving their country. Someone in the military puts their life on the line for the country that they love. Many people will find meaning while serving in the country that they call home. Then there is a healthcare worker, who helps people every single moment of every single day. A lot of people go into the healthcare field because they genuinely love helping people without expecting anything in return.  

In addition, the job task that is needed is not always the most fun thing to do. When it comes to being an auto mechanic, most people consider the possibility of getting dirty and going home smelling of oil and car parts smell. Furthermore, being an auto mechanic involves being educated in subjects like math that most people do not like. (U.S., (Occupational). Etop Akpan, who fixes cars, and loves doing so, points out that people who like fixing cars will only be fixing car parts 30% of the time. Most of this job entails being on the computer, which a lot of people are not aware of. People who love fixing cars will not be doing this most of the time while on the job. Even with the benefits that are offered, it is not ideal considering how much schooling must go in to obtain this degree. Akpan believes for this reason a lot of car lovers are turning away from pursuing this job after coming to terms with that reality. In some places, auto mechanics are undervalued for the work they do (Akpan). This reason causes lots of people in this field to find this career less meaningful because it turned out to be something they did not expect. 

Furthermore, when you serve the country, there is a lot of joy that can come from doing that. Abigail Ntia, who currently serves in the military, who loves serving, believes that the military is away a lot of people want to serve and give back to the place they call home. Some people genuinely love serving and find so much meaningfulness in doing so. Even though someone does not serve people still find ways to volunteer and give back to the troops. With this job, a lot of people do not like it when their loved one gets deployed. It is a scary thing for most people to be wondering if my loved one will come back home safe, or will we get the dreaded news that no one wants to hear (U.S., Occupational). Ntia points out that she would recommend the military to seniors in high school who do not know what they want to do after high school. Most people who have or have served hold the military close to their hearts. It becomes a very meaningful thing for an individual who has served. Veterans and healthcare workers are one of the few individuals that people thank for all they have done. 

Lastly, the healthcare field is a wide range of a field that many people love and want to go into. There is so much that goes on in a hospital that many people do not know about. Paul  Emounge , currently in medical school, who loves being a doctor, claims that doctors tend to develop personal connections with the people they meet daily. Being a healthcare worker comes with a lot of sacrifices on a daily ( Emounge). Emounge claims that with being a doctor lots of people find joy, and meaningfulness in being part of someone's remarkable journey. Everyone would agree and say that being a doctor or someone in healthcare is one of the most rewarding experiences to be a part of in life  (Emounge).  



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