The Final Speech Othello Essay Example

The Final Speech Othello Essay Example
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📌Published: 28 June 2020

In Act V, scene 2, Othello makes his final speech before he kills himself. He tells Lodovico that when he is writing down the events, write them down as the actually occurred. After this, Othello asked to be remembered as “a someone who loved too much, but who wasn’t wise about it.” At this point, Othello is feeling remorse for all of his wrong doings, and decides to make up for it by doing what is good and right. He tells us that he did not become jealous and could not be tricked easily, but eventually he was, which worked him into a frenzy. 

He wants to be described as “a fool who threw away a precious pearl with his own hands, like a silly Indian who didn’t know what it was worth.” Othello also wants to be remembered as someone who was not emotional, but would cry a lot.  Eventually, he tells Lodovico that he once saw a Turk beating a Venetian, so Othello grabbed the Turk by the throat, and hit him like this. During this time, Othello stabs himself and eventually dies.  

Othello makes sure to tell Lodovico his life experience so the real story of his life is accurate.  Othello really stresses this because he doesn’t want it to become a work of fiction, he believes people should know the truth. If people read and know the real facts about Othello’s life, they will be able to avoid making the same mistakes he made before he died. He even tells Lodovico what he failed at, hoping that people will not do the same thing. Even though Othello made some terrible mistakes, he reestablished his greatness in his final speech. Othello knows himself to be pursued by Iago, he ends up listening to Iago and killing his wife, but he also ends up killing himself. (Core 28)    

A person that wants to be remembered as a fool, who threw away precious things, is Othello because in the end of the book, he kills his wife over a falsified cheating scandal. (Core 26) From his weakness of jealousy with his wife, Othello demonstrates that he is a man lacking restraint. (Core 27) In Othello’s final speech, he hits the major points such as; the major mistakes he made, learning right from wrong, and reestablishing his greatness.


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