Films Are the Modern Form of Entertainment Essay Example

The economy of the 21st century thrives from the entertainment business. Entertainment is crucial to society for voices to be heard and creativity to be seen. Being a screen writer has been a dream for many people due to its ability to be able to evoke emotions from people. It allows people to be seen indirectly and tell their stories through movies, comics, books, and even television. This is one of the many reasons people such as me aspire to be a screenwriter.

Throughout high school I have not done many of the materials needed to assure a spot in a screenwriting career. I do however retain a 4.17GPA which would boost my opportunity to be accepted to the University of Georgia. Though many screenwriters such as Quentin Tarantino who I cannot quote directly due to his course language but said something akin to that you do not necessarily need to attend film school to become a screenwriter you just have to love film as much as you love the craft and if you do you can’t help but write a good film.

Being a successful movie writer requires several steps. The first step in achieving your goal of becoming a screenwriter is to attend a four-year college and receive a bachelor’s degree in film studies. According to UGA, The University of Georgia’s film department is number one in the state of Georgia. Considering of Georgia’s outstanding reputation, the estimated cost for an undergraduate to attend is “$26,688” (Costs). Due to the expensive cost of attendance, the university offers a few different forms of financial aid. Students can apply for student loans if approved by the FAFSA application. Students could also receive a scholarship from the university in which, a portion if not all of their tuition will be covered by the school. According to UGA, only 14% of undergraduate applicants attended UGA with an academic scholarship, which means they are incredibly hard to come by and will require an impressive resume to receive. Though it could be said many screenwriters haven’t attended film school it helps increase the chances of success.

The University of Georgia equips an astonishing list of accomplishments because of their high level of expertise from professors who teach such studies. According to UGA’s website, the school offers students an inside look from film studies as an art form. Georgia’s department of film studies offers, “practical classes in writing for the screen, digital video production, and computer animation” (Film Studies- A.B.). UGA will give students an impeccable amount of detailed training in film studies.

According to The Art Career Project, upon writing a script, screen writers are expected to receive anywhere from $60,000-$100,000 per script, which is plenty to live off of. On a negative note, the UGA Film Studies Handbook states that, “Parents and significant others do not have a right to information contained in a student’s education record” (Handbook). This rule could be harmful to a student if he or she has a tendency to get off task and are in need of someone to keep them on track. A student could easily become off track due to this rule of conduct. Film studies is an extremely independent career, in which writers will be expected to meet deadlines and impress actors with scripts. A career in film studies will also require a person to be available for traveling wherever a movie or television show needs to be shot which would result in the requirement of a flexible schedule. 

Although film studies are a demanding career, there will always be a need for screenwriters in the entertainment business. Movies and television shows would never be in interesting if the scripts were not written by writers who have had technical training for creativity. According to O Net, jobs in the creative writing career are expected to have a growth of, “5-9% between 2016 and 2026” (Wages & Employment Trends). For the rate of entertainment constantly growing, the need for creative writers is unexpectedly low. The Art Career Project says that the low rate of growth is due to the high level of competition and want for a career in film studies. Everyone wants to be recognized by a Hollywood film company and unfortunately it is hard to succeed. According to Writers Score, most screenwriters are lured by the power of fame and success in the world. Competition makes succession insanely hard and will require an immense amount of training from the aspiring film writer.

Throughout the years film has been introduced into many life’s through many ways. Being able to evoke emotion in someone through a story one writes can only be described as having an aurora of peace surrounds someone. Knowing how films have affected others lives and made differences.



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