Fighting Society Against Society. My Scholarship Essay Writing

TRIO program Upward Bound has helped me by showing me new colleges and letting me experience new things. The trio program has given me classes that I have never taken so I could learn stuff I would never learn in school. This program has taught me how a college schedule is set up and set up a way on how to study for a test in college. The TRIO program Upward Bound has been so helpful with the classes I have been taking. 

Thanks to the TRIO: Upward Bound I have traveled to a lot of different states to learn and experience new things.I have traveled to Florida and Atlanta with Upward Bound in the past two years. I have learned a lot from every college and I have been to colleges such as the Florida State, Morehouse College, Savannah College of Art and Design (scad), The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (pcom). thanks to the classes we had in Upward Bound my first year I was prepared for 10th-grade math and 10th grade English. I feel that this year I learn a lot about what I need in 11th grade so far I have learned geometry and trigonometric functions. In Upward Bound we have learned the components of a computer and we built a computer of our own as well as a robot. We learned so much in such a short time but it is worth it all of these things will help us later in life.

That is why I feel like TRIO Upward Bound is a fun and educational program. Sometimes Upward Bound can be overwhelming due to the early hour they wake us up and then give us a lot of homework in our classes. it is not something you should do if you like to wait until the last minute. and yes the program is a little too strict but I think it is very educational but nothing like college. But a couple of the directors are nice so you do not have to worry about people or people who do not understand what you are going through. but this is a program that will help you be successful so I wholeheartedly would recommend that others join.



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