Feminism in the Great Gatsby Essay Example

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of sexes. Men and women are treated differently in this society. Women are treated as if they are worth less than a man. In the story The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald belittled women, women were disrespected, controlled and abused by the men in the story.  A feminist would not be okay with the especially because the women did not stand up for themselves. With this being said The Great Gatsby cannot be considered as a feminist text.

First of all feminist empower women, In the Great Gatsby Fitzgerald disparages women. In this story, daisy is judged due to her drinking at a party. In the text “ I came into her room half an hour before the bridal dinner and found her lying on her bed as lovely a the June night in her flowered dress and as drunk as a monkey.” ( Fitzgerald 81) This quote suggests that women can't handle their liquor also she is compared to a monkey which is very disrespectful and not empowering at all. Many others may say this is a feminist text because they said she was looking lovely, However, she is still judged at the end, being compared to a monkey is not empowering at all. All in all judging women and bringing them down is far from supporting feminism so The Great Gatsby cannot be considered as a feminist text.

Next, women were treated less than men and controlled their lives, for examples if the men told the women to bark they would bark. In the text, it says “ but she and Tom had gone away early that afternoon and taken baggage with them.” (Fitzgerald 172). This is when Gatsby was killed and Tom knew Daisy would want to go to his funeral so he packed everything up and moved away. Daisy had no say so in anything she just had to go when Tom said go. That is very controlling. Others might say this does not prove anything because what if Tom just wanted to move away, but why would he choose that time and why didn't Daisy have any say so? However, a feminist would want daisy to stand up for herself and be equal with Tom and go see Gatsby for the last time. All in all, this shows that men controlled women.

The final reason why The Great Gatsby cannot be considered as a feminist text is that men would abuse women physically, mentally and emotionally. In the text is say “ making a short deft movement Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his hand.” ( Fitzgerald 41) This just shows that men abused women and did not care for their feelings. Tom did not feel bad about it he felt like it was okay he felt like it was normal to put his hands on women. Others might say that this quote does not support anything, because before he broke her nose Myrtle made him mad, but that does not give him the right to put his hands on her as if she was an animal. A feminist would want Myrtle to fight back and be equal not saying they should go around fighting each other but she should treat him how he treats her. This overall just makes women look weak.

The story The Great Gatsby cannot be considered a feminist text due to how women were belittled. Women were disrespected, abused and controlled by the men. Women were portrayed as weak and dumb individuals. Women were not equal to the men at all this is why The Great Gatsby cannot be considered a feminist text.



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