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Jib Fowels created the fifteen basic advertising appeals. A few examples are the need for attention, the need to achieve, the need to aggress, and the need to nurture. Fowler believed these appeals were the heart of Americans' advertising. Fowels states These appeals are directed primarily to the “lower brain,” to those “unfulfilled urges and motives swirling in the bottom half of [our] minds” rather than to the part of the brain that processes our more rational thoughts and impulses.” (Biagi) Advertisements persuade our choices and how we spend our money.

They work by manipulating society to believe that they need their product, one must look a certain way, and it can also influence their behavior or even make them feel like they are not adequate. (Leacock) “Advertising: the science of advertising the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” Whereas each individual can respond differently to the same advertisement, women are pressured by far more than a man about body issues, to buy certain products, as well as objectifying them.

Duke's university media collection targets the need for affliction, need for promise, as well as the need for authority. I feel they are successfully targeting each one of these categories. They aim the need for affliction by setting up a particular lifestyle, making it out to be that if you can to be a popular or that person, then you need to be smoking. You look better if you have a smoke in your hand. Secondly, the need for prominence, which I feel is the same as affliction. They want you to believe that if you smoke, you will have a higher level of social status as well as respect. Finally, the need for authority I find they're using it trying to point out again this is what all the good-looking somebodies in the world are doing so in return if you also smoke then you will be somebody as well.

Lürzer’s Int’l Archive to start with the add uses affliction by the title. When they state, “would your husband marry you again?” (Lawrence Behrens, Duke University Media Collections) They are saying that the product effects how people feel about you and if you do not use this product your husband might not feel as strongly for her if she does not switch to using Palmolive that he may not think you’re as aesthetically appeals as you once were. Secondly, Palmolive uses prominence, making women believe that their husbands may not love them or want to be with them if they do not use their product. The need for attention because Palmolive is saying if you do not wash you face nightly with their soap that it is a “ costly mistake” (Lawrence Behrens, Duke University Media Collections) to make you believe that if you do not use their cleanser, you will not have radiant skin.

They also target the need to feel safe. When they use the statement “FORTUNATE is the women who can answer "yes." Because many a woman, if she is honest with herself, is forced to be in doubt-after that she pays stricter attention to her personal attractions.” (Lawrence Behrens, Duke University Media Collections) That statement alone makes women feel like they need to be on top of their looks just to make sure their husbands still want to be with them. They also use the need for aesthetics sensation when they state, “Millions of women get their complexion through the use of Palmolive.” (Lawrence Behrens, Duke University Media Collections) That is telling women if they would like “A radiant skin, glowing and healthy, is more than a “sign” of youth. It is youth. And any women can enjoy it.” (Lawrence Behrens, Duke University Media Collections) They’re giving women a false reality that if they wash their face with Palmolive soap that it will make them not on look younger but also have more radiant skin. The ad also falls under the need for autonomy. To fear to be left out just because they do not have a particular product while everyone else is using it, which can create pressure to use any product. 

Ad Council: Public Service Ads would be the need to feel safe appeal. The company is showing a picture of the street flooding. “disasters don’t plan ahead. You can. Talk to your loved ones about how you are going to be ready in an emergency. Visit ready.gov/plan.” As a result, it could cause fear and cause people to purchase plans for disasters that may never happen. It can also cause unnecessary anxiety in some people. They are trying to instill fear so that you will buy their insurance. 

Adclassic.com creates the need for prominence, attention, as well as the need to achieve. The need for prominence having higher social status meant you were able to afford a car. The need for attention to be noticed by others in 1914 in a car had to be a massive deal to most people. The need to achieve due to being able to afford a car in 1914. You had had some form of status during that time to be able to sustain a vehicle.

1995 Ford Mustang GT identifies with three of the fifteen basic appeals, the need for attention, the need to dominate, as well as the need to achieve. The first basic appeal would be the promise to achieve. They achieve this by saying, “Bernard was born a loser. He couldn’t win at Solitaire, even when he cheated. Enter Mustang-the car that’s practical, sporty, luxurious. Your choice! Bernard chose the sporty option. Got a 289 cu.in. V-8. Four-on-the-floor. Tachometer and clock combo. Special handling package. Front disc-and did Bernie’s luck change!” They are trying to say if you buy this Mustang and you are a “loser” (Lawrence Behrens, Mustang ) then you luck will change. Mustang also claims, "Mustangers always win." (Lawrence Behrens, Mustang )

The need for attention because they mention about how much Bernard has changed since purchasing his Mustang. They also have Bernard dressed very well on the front of the  Ad holding a cigar and a stick. The need for autonomy they single Bernard out by talking all about his success since he purchased the Mustang. That Bernard is now much more extraordinary compared to others. The need to dominate because Bernard is now the “Master of possibilities.” (Lawrence Behrens, Mustang ) He can now win at Solitaire and is traveling city to city wining. If Bernard can achieve all this by just buying a Mustang, then so can you be what this ad is pushing.

Where advertising has become better over the years for women, and it does address some issues women face daily. Advertisements still have a long way to go. Women feel like if they do not use that “certain” product or “look” that particular way, then our husbands may stray and no longer want to stay married to them anymore. 

I wanted to add to the conclusion that it is okay for men to have dad bods, but even after having children, women are supposed to look a certain way.

I was just unsure if that would be too much for my conclusion?

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