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Colors: Green and Red

Two things that resonated from your profile you want the team to know: 

I seek consistency in my life at a pace that is neither too slow nor too fast. I thrive to be accurate and careful in the way I deal with facts. I have high qualitative expectations of myself and tend to express disappointment if I am unable to perform to these standards for any reason. Lastly, I like to prepare well for things and prefer to know why and how things happen.

I flourish in environments where I have a clear direction in the form of strict agendas, timetables, procedures and regulations. I aim to be realistic and dependable and expect the same from others. Naturally I prefer others to present options rather conclusions. I try to emit good energy into the world by serving others in an orderly, realistic and practical way. 

I get a lot of energy from working on meaningful projects that impact the whole company. It is very important to me to advance my skill set at any workplace. 

What drains energy from me is working in environments where there is time pressure, no room for error, or demanding interpersonal relationships.

I do my best work when I have autonomy and is able to use my creativity on making decisions and or working on projects. 

A great day at work for me looks like this:

Completing every task on my list and showing up to every meeting on time and present. 

I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions and this is why: 

Having the privilege of working at well established Tech companies and seeing how they operate on the workplace end. It is in my best interest to make sure that we are making the best decisions for Lever in a way that is realistic and scalable. This is why you may experience some resistant on my end when making decisions. 

The actions I’m committing to be better at giving feedback is giving feedback when its need.

In the past I have swept the need to give feedback under the rug because of my delivery in tone. Feedback isn't easy to give especially with having a strong personality. I am committed to firstly being prepared to give feedback as well as deliver it in a sandwich method so that my colleagues and I leave on a good note. 

The actions I’m committing to for better my receiving of feedback is to show my colleagues that I am receptive to the feedback.

Receiving feedback is not an easy pill to swallow. Depending on its delivery It can seem like an attack. I am committed to actively listen to my colleagues concerns and to also have an action plan to convert on feedback. 

My saboteurs, how they show up, and what I'm doing about them: 


I will trust in myself  that I was hired for my talents. In addition I will move out of dependency on constant performance and achievement reviews that relate to success. 

Failures over Perfection

I will continue to leverage my failures into wins and move away from perfection. Perfection gets in the way of me overanalyzing certain task and stalling its submission. 

My three asks of the team: 

Ask me of my availability other than doing a drop- by. (slack me por favor)

Respect my privacy! If something is bothering me I will be sure to tell you.

Continue to give me feedback as this is vital to my career development.



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