Example Essay About Experience in Life: Lessons Learnt

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“Welcome to the Russellville High School Band!” These were the first words I heard in eighth grade upon entering the glorified upgrade of a room for my first-hour band class. The bland white walls seemed to be brighter and more welcoming than the narrow and daunting staircase going up to the middle school band classroom. Looking around the room all you could see were giant like bodies setting up shiny instruments, and all you could hear was the deafening sound of everyone warming up getting ready to play. The surreal moment soon faded as we started the countless hours of exhausting practice to get ready for the upcoming band performances.

After class we each felt like a brand-new C-list celebrity, we were the freshies after all. As the days went on, we began to finally know people’s names, and they eventually got to know ours. One person stood out though, Riley who played the Bari-Saxophone. He seemed to be attempting to get close to my best friend Leah. The classes then often started with them finishing their conversation from the night before in the hallway or talking about anything they could do in the town of Russellville after school to hang out. As the weeks went on, they seemed to be getting closer and closer to each other and soon started dating. Never would I have ever imagined the trouble that my best friends’ boyfriend would soon get me into in the upcoming years.

It all started my junior year during the setup for one of the first basketball concession stands we were working. The smell of fresh popcorn popping slowly crept into the hallways as we were starting to warm up the nacho cheese and finish transporting the final boxes of supplies into the cafeteria from the band room. Everything was going smoothly until it became time to start loading up the truck to go over to the middle school game. When it became time to drive supplies over, Riley became upset with how I was going to be the one to drive it over and come back to get the second trip done. When he got upset, he started yelling profanities at everyone involved, to calm him down we all concluded to just let him do it instead, even though it made sense due to worker availability and the time it would have taken. 

Later during the game, he left two workers at the middle school to get popcorn oil from the high school band room. When he arrived at the high school, he came straight to me yelling at me to get him popcorn oil. Since I was working with a customer, I asked him nicely to wait for one moment and I would help him search through the closet to find it. I guess I was taking to long because after that he stormed into the band room to wait for me. When I finally had a break in the line, I went to help him with finding the popcorn oil. Immediately after walking through the band door he started yelling that he was not good enough for my time and that he might as well just quit on life. After assuring him that his life did matter and that I was just busy doing other tasks for the night, he turned around and punched the rough wood of the door and told me that he would just do it himself. 

When I still could not find the popcorn oil he eventually left for the middle school and he did not return for the rest of the night. The next day throughout the school day he did not acknowledge me and if I tried to talk to him, he would always roll his eyes and walk away. Throughout the rest of the year, he kept this attitude toward me and my best friend followed in his ways ignoring me in most of the classes that I took with her. 

At first this made my days long and disheartening, but as time went on, I became accustomed to this heinous behavior towards myself. Through this I realized that even though I have been raised to treat others as I want to be treated, that others in this world do not follow this saying. Even through all of this I have also learned that still treating others nicely that a little kindness can go a long way.



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