Essay on Writing. How Writing Has Changed Our World

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When considering how writing is seen in our world today, it can be helpful to look at how it has transformed over thousands of years. Cuneiform script was the first type of writing as it was a system of graphic marks representing the units of a specific language (evolution of writing) in the year 3200 BC (Add an in-text citation here). If you were to compare all of the distinct forms of writing today to cuneiform there are not many similarities other than the idea that both of them contain a message that is being transferred to someone else without the act of speaking aloud. It is quite uncommon to consider a world where there is no such thing as writing does not exist. While communication might still exist, without writing would there truly be any conversation taking place? In order to have a beneficial conversation with another person, one must “write” the statements out in their head that they want to say before actually speaking them. Considering all of this, writing must be a universally accepted form of expression, if not where would society be?

Writing is seen in virtually everything that is included in our daily lives including dialogue and conversations with one another, books, articles, and even music. Our world would be completely different without writing. To a large majority of people, music is one of the most important things; if given the options between reading a book, reading a poem, or listening to music, the obvious choice would be music. In most cases, writing is all about expressing a message, whether it is something serious or even emotion filled. It is not only a way to engage the listener by having a catchy beat or background music, but it is truly a hit when the artist can connect with those listening through the impact of their words. The most important part of songwriting is when the artist is able to take something that they are going through, or have already experienced, and express themselves in such a beautiful way that other people can personally relate to. As most people know, each and every person experiences a variety of different incidents within their lifetime. Someone may enjoy a happy life where nothing goes wrong, while the person right next to them could have experienced the exact opposite.

There are so many different genres of music, to which each conveys their own message. Even with this, it still leaves room for their audience to connect to what the artist wants to portray. In most cases, only the smartest and most intelligent people become novelists and writers; plus, in order to understand the impact of these pieces of writing, one must have a certain education level or else a message may be lost, leaving only words written on a page. However, music is virtually the opposite; not taking anything away from songwriters, but songwriting brings across a completely different state of mind. Anyone, regardless of education level, has the opportunity to create a song that means something to people. On top of this, unlike reading pieces of writing, everyone, disregarding previous education, has the ability to listen to a song of their choice and have a personal connection to it. This is just a feeling that reassures that the message is received instead of a reader just reading words on a paper completely lost as to the message that was supposed to connect with them.

As previously stated, in order to have meaningful conversations, the words must be “written” out by the individuals in their minds before they actually speak them. ADD MORE. However, some people might have difficulty with this exact task; this may lead them to either be extremely quiet, and reserved, or have useless conversations with those around them. It is evident when evaluating these types of exchanges that sometimes, actually speaking can be harder to express feelings. For some people, writing things down on paper help gives them a way to completely demonstrate how they feel, especially if they aren’t able to think of things on the spot. These groups of people must make these necessary steps in order to get their point across how they want it or else the other person, may not receive the exact message that is intended due to its wording. Writing it down gives them the ability to thoroughly collect their thoughts on how they want their ideas to come across to the other person/people. Whether an individual can achieve these proper converses by thinking it through or actually having to write it down on paper, it is the same process; either way “writing” must be done in order to have useful conversations with those surrounding you.

Contrasting the above statement, in some cases, individuals may write things down not to collect their ideas and formulate a complete conversation, but maybe for their own self-keeping. It is not uncommon for people to write down their thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc., in a journal that those close to them may or may not know about. Journaling, or simply writing down what happens, is a great tool that has a multitude of pluses that come along with it. Not only does it give people a way to react and keep track of mistakes and lessons to learn from, but it can show give positive results when it comes to anxiety and depression levels. Whether or not someone is good at writing does not matter, it is simply the art of it, only in the aspect of journaling. Unlike writing a novel, or something that is published for all to see, a journal is something kept close and personal; this means that while you want it to be proper grammar and such, it is more of a place to escape and relieve stress that might be building up in life. It gives them a place to express their feelings about certain situations and know that it is exactly how they want it to come across without offending someone else.

Without writing our society today would be completely different. There would be absolutely no communication with those around us, no expressing of feelings in their own terms, and no music. While it might escape from some people’s view on things, “writing” is in every single form of a dialogue between people, whether in person, over an online form of communication, or through presentations and speeches. No matter the form it takes, writing always finds a way to play such an important role in receiving a message that touches someone or even makes anyone feel better. Even though writing a novel takes a highly educated individual, writing has some many impactful forms that help make it a universally accepted approach to expression. Writing gives every person the ability to express themselves in all sorts of ways, not just those who are highly educated.



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