Essay on Women Rights in Saudi Arabia

Saudi women have little to no rights in their country. Women in Saudi Arabia struggled throughout the years. They are required to have a male guardian no matter how old she is. Also, Saudi women found it hard to achieve higher education because they weren’t able to drive. I saw firsthand how women were treated in Saudi Arabia and they felt inferior to men. Women in Saudi Arabia must have the same rights as men.

Saudi Women can contribute to their families in different aspects. It is absurd to think that women can’t work at the same place as men in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, they should be able to share the workplace with men and have equal pay. Providing women the same paycheck as men will give a huge boost to elevate their families income. Another problem that many single mothers are facing is that they struggle to make a living, because of the limited places that they can work in. So, they should be able to apply for jobs that suit their needs. A perfect work environment will reflect on how women help raise new generations. Also, having a working woman in the family will show her value in the community and to her kids.

Saudi women must have a platform to express their ideas in The Saudi government. They should have the same amount of seats in the Saudi’s Consultative Assembly as men. For many decades Women’s idea was shelved for culture and religious reasons. By listening to what they went through and their struggles will form an understanding that will help the country. Also, major companies in Saudi Arabia must increase the hiring rate for women. As a result of that, Saudi women will be encouraged to achieve higher education and have the opportunity to show their skills. There are many women who changed the world to be better place to live in.

Many reasons why Saudi women must have the freedom of choice to express themselves. Women in Saudi Arabia found it hard to find their identity because of these regulations forced on them by the government. One of these regulation is that every woman must wear a black custom when they go out. Having the choice to wear what they please is a way to feel free. Equally, Women must have the final say on who she wants to marry. In many families Saudi women don’t have the choice to marry who she wants, it is rather decided by their guardian. Taking their decisions from their hands will lead to a divided nation.

Overall, The unjust system towards women has to change. It is not for the government to decide what a woman should wear or who they interact with. Old laws and tradition have to be replaced by new ideas. For Saudi Arabia to become of the elite country, women rights must be restored. Having a balanced system that treats women and men by the same principles will benefit the country for many years to come.



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