Essay on Voting Rights That Every Student Should Have

Essay on Voting Rights That Every Student Should Have
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📌Published: 11 May 2021

Ten out of one hundred students come to school late. Subsequently, most students show up at school on time, therefore there is no need for students to change the time they arrive at school. Schools shouldn’t let students pick school starting time because school days would end up too short to learn what's needed, not all students are mature enough to make the decision, and in the real world, people don’t vote for what time they go into work; their bosses choose what time they come in. 

To begin with, voting on times is not how this present day works. To put it differently, more often than not, individuals don’t get to pick what times they come in for work. For instance, my uncle Dean is given a schedule that tells him when he needs to be at work. Dean and his coworkers have certain times to come in, so they have enough time to do all the work needed to be done. Students shouldn’t vote on what time they come to school when teachers don’t vote on what time they come into work to teach those students. 

Furthermore, not all students are mature enough to make a decision. In the same fashion, some students would rather not be at school and would vote on a ludicrous time. To illustrate, my friend Sam never gets out of bed until late in the day. Sam more than likely would choose a time later in the day. Students who choose later times would show little maturity. 

Moreover, school days would end up too short to learn the material required. Just as, anything less than a seven-hour school day is too short. For example, Mr. Grimes doesn’t get as many assignments taught on two hour delays as he does on a normal day. Also, having about seven-hour long days prepares students for the workforce. Most students would want to be in school around noon, which puts a strain on teachers to get everything required in. 

All things considered, a majority vote from students would be decorum but absurd. Students need to get a comprehension of how mandate the real world is. Letting students vote on a time change would cause censure around the students if a certain time wasn’t picked. Students shouldn’t be able to vote on how long school days are, especially when only one out of ten students show up late for school.


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