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Video Game Designers are individuals who code digital programs on many platforms to create a playable game to ship to publishers. Even though its viewed as a creative path in life there are many misconceptions about the career. Most of the time is not spent in front of a monitor as many may assume. Video Game Designing as a career can be beneficial in the financial aspects of health benefits, in the ability to be creative, and the chance to make an impact in the gaming industry.

There are many financial benefits that come with the development of video games starting with the salary.” Video Game Designers earn an average yearly salary of $88,271. Salaries typically start from $43,171 and go up to $139,155”(Sokanu). There are also other factors in the income expanding the salary. Since the gaming industry is rapidly changing yearly, there are multiple bonuses that come with each game that a developer creates and how it performs on release. With the stability of the gaming industry on the rise the demand for game developers is on a record increase.

The career of video game design also offers the ability to be creative.” The people who are most successful in creating a career for themselves in the video game industry are those who pursue it out of a passion for the industry and medium,”(Stobierski). An individual who has the desire and capability for video game development can become successful using creativity and passion for video games. A personal connection with games only further lights the fire to make a career of professional game creation. There are multiple projects that a game designer can work on with diverse groups of people in developer studios to create various genres of different games.

Video Game Design as a career is an opportunity to make an impact in the gaming industry.’’ Becoming a designer gives you a chance to create the games you wish were out there already and design games the way you think they should be’’(Sherman). The negative aspect of game designing is that there is intense competition in the industry and the employer or company that a developer creates a game with has to keep up with the wave of games releasing every year to stay successful. 

A bachelor's degree in Computer science is helpful to start learning and mastering coding systems that games are created on. The open mindedness of learning new things about computer technology helps with developing complex shapes and pixels. Video game developers work in a casual environment with plenty of enthusiastic individuals who have direct involvement in the intense competition that the gaming industry has to offer.

Video Game Designing is a beneficial way to be directly involved in a creative front in the constantly evolving technology industry. There is a positive future for this career because of the growing success and popularity of this form of entertainment. With an immense level of imagination and creativity designers work with other talented individuals as teams to create multiple games. Diving deep into computer coding creates complex worlds and environments with the latest technology available. There's also the opportunity to have a successful career of creating something that millions of people can enjoy for many years to come.

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