Essay on Talent. Why is It the Key to Success?

Essay on Talent. Why is It the Key to Success?
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📌Published: 17 March 2021

When people graduate high school a majority of them do not know what they want to do. Lucky for me, I have always had a passion for cosmetology. After graduation, I will be attending Empire Beauty School to follow my dreams. When you have the chance to make a difference, and have a talent, you use it. I realized in 8th grade that not everyone feels good about themselves. I have the ability to change that for numerous people. 

As my senior year goes on, I’ve come to the realization that not everyone will support you. Multiple remarks such as, “You won’t make much money.”, “You won’t get anywhere with that career.”, “There are too many salons around.”, and “How will you pay for it?”. Those words got my mind running. Eventually, I was at a point I wanted to give up this dream. I could do great hairstyles, a small amount of makeup, and even acrylic and gel nails, but what was the point? No one believed in me, and said schooling was way too expensive. After a few years, I battled those words, and now I am applying for financial aid and scholarships. In August 2020 I will be enrolled and starting my classes. 

Aside from a career, I have a high amount of knowledge in cosmetology. Hair and nails are my strengths. I want to go to school to get even more knowledge about makeup and facials. When doing hair there are countless things to do. I learned to cut hair when my mother and sister left me to try on theirs. I have yet to practice on a male, but I hope to get experience soon. Other things I know how to do is to style hair. I can french braid, dutch braid, up-dos, and so on. Over time I plan to learn even more. Nails are also one of the things that I do best with. I have practiced acrylics and brush on gel. This all comes with patience. Between the time to apply, dry, style, and painting you need to have a good amount of time. If you aren’t patient, they will doubtfully turn out how you want them to. 

Throughout my life I have learned many things about cosmetology. Even though everyone has doubted me, I am still following my dream. It doesn’t matter how much money it costs, who supports you, or what you want to do. You always need to believe in yourself. Following your dreams is one thing you need to be passionate about. I found a talent within myself, and I want to show that to the world. Never giving up was the best thing I could have ever done. Take the harsh word to make yourself stronger. It’ll help you work harder in the end.


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