Essay on Student Life: Friday Funday

Essay on Student Life: Friday Funday
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📌Published: 18 July 2020

School, starting anywhere from 7 A.M. and going until 3 P.M, five days a week, nine months of the year, twelve years in school and then an additional four-plus year of college. Many students in college balance in-between schoolwork, sports, jobs, chores at home, and social life. Many students would jump at the chance to have a day off during the week to catch up with their tasks’. Having Friday as a day off for students can be remarkably helpful to catch up with sleep, schoolwork, social life, at home chores, and even work. A negative to all of this would be students not taking the time off and being irresponsible with the time off, also adding to that instructors may try to cram a ton of information in two days a week to keep up with what they need to accomplish in a semester. 

For many students, trying to keep up on schoolwork, social life, home life, work, and every little thing in-between seems nearly impossible. Having a day off at the end of the week would help lighten the load a tad bit. Here at Cleveland State University tuition is around 10,000 which means many of our students need to take out student loans to cover the costs. In turn means that working at least a part-time job while in school to not only cover the costs of living, also paying for books and any other miscellaneous items that may pop up while in school, and to save up money while trying to pay back out student loans. Allowing students to take an extra day off during the week where a student can dedicate a day completely to work it can help any money situation a student may encounter. I only work on the weekends due to my heavy course load and adding an extra day to the mix can boost my savings immensely. 

Many students at Cleveland State University live close enough to home where they can commute, which means whatever their living situation is either on their own or at home. Many of us students who commute have chores at home that need to be completed daily, especially if there are any pets are involved. Depending on if the student lives on their own or with parents some parents are stricter than others when it comes to chores. Giving students the day off on Friday can help students catch up on chores at home. 

Bringing this all together, sleep is a key player in keeping students healthy. Given the fact that college students take anywhere from 9-18 credit hours making their course loads heavy or light sleep might not be in the equation if homework, social life, and work are involved. Allowing students to take Friday off to catch up on their sleep and catch on any work that may need to be done can strongly benefit any college student.

A negative to giving students the day off on Friday could not benefit students by helping them catch up on sleep by making plans to stay out with friends. Also, often when people have free time, they try to fill it up by doing activities that would not benefit the cause of not having school. Depending on the student many may use the extra day to their advantage, but may also be very irresponsible with the extra day off. Also, not having school might affect the workload that the professor gives out, trying to fit loads of information in a short amount of time completely defeating the purpose of not having class. 

In conclusion, Cleveland State University gives students Fridays off can benefit students positively, but can also be a negative as well. Students can use the Friday off as a day to catch up on homework, sleep, work, household chores anything that may positively benefit them. On the downside, not every student is as responsible as others and may use this day off to make plans with Fridays and not using it to catch up on sleep, work, household chores as well. To add to the downside of this is that professors may try to cram more in class during the week since they are only meeting twice a week. Overall, there are always negatives and positives in every situation, but until there is action taken we may never know what could happen with it.


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