Essay Sample on Kindness: The Power It Holds

Essay Sample on Kindness: The Power It Holds
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📌Published: 20 September 2021

There are many attributes that a person may possess, but kindness may be arguably the most important. The act of kindness involves being sincere, considerate, and befriending others, however, each person may communicate their kindness to one another in their distinctive way. Kindness, whether it is expected or unexpected, has the power to ultimately change one's outlook on life. Practicing kindness to others can also emit a positive effect on ourselves. As I have grown up, my parents have taught me that the small effects of kindness have everlasting outcomes. Although it might be difficult at certain times, I believe that I firmly represent the meaning of kindness because of my parents’ teachings, the experiences I have gone through, and what I have learned from others. 

My parents are very loving, caring, and kind people, and have shown these characteristics as I’ve grown up. I was constantly advised by them to compliment others, talk to someone new, and respect others' opinions. But as these conversations with my parents would emerge, I would think to myself, why would I indulge in an act that won't get me anything in return? However, I was always reminded by them that these small acts would not go unnoticed, and would at some point be appreciated. Although not fully understanding at my elementary school age, I would respect my parents' wishes, and attempt to be kind to all those I interacted with. At this point in my life, I cannot truthfully say that my acts of kindness were genuine, but were instead brought on by what I was told by my parents. It would not be until a later age, that I truly would recognize what kindness meant, the importance of it, and how rare it is. 

The true virtue of kindness is something we rarely see in today's world. It is common though to see hateful, and vindictive people in our everyday lives. It is important to understand that we know only a small percentage of one’s life. We do not know what each person we pass is thinking, feeling, or struggling with. Whether it is with a family member passing, social anxiety, or a rough relationship, even those with the biggest smiles may be struggling. I have struggled personally with each of these situations and thought to myself that I would never get out of this depressed emotional feeling. Those who surrounded me filled me with acts of kindness, and love, whether they were my family members, friends, teachers, or strangers. Kindness is what was able to bring me back to my joyful, happy self. After I experienced these situations, my kindness grew stronger, and I felt the need to genuinely portray it more often. This was the moment that I truly understood how much power kindness withholds. 

I understand that kindness is and will always be a hard attribute to have. However, I believe that everyone truly does have kindness within themselves. It is just a matter of time, and circumstances for them to find it to help others. Kindness revolves around compassion, love, and thoughtfulness, but you will find that each person defines kindness differently. Whether it is acting as a listening ear, giving a compliment, or gifting someone, these simple acts can lift someone to unimaginable heights. We should all remember to be kind, whenever possible because kindness is always possible. Kindness holds an unenviable power.

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