Essay Sample on Artificial Intelligence

Essay Sample on Artificial Intelligence
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📌Published: 14 September 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to realizing humanity's full potential. AI technologies should be used globally to boost productivity and assist us in accomplishing previously unattainable goals. AI's effectiveness go far beyond auto-complete and spell check; it will enable us to perform research faster and more accurately, enter active volcanoes, and even explore the Mariana Trench. Implementing AI in daily operations and into major industries will help to propel humans into the future by eliminating inefficacy where possible.

The majority of artificial intelligence systems are built to accomplish activities in a way that eliminates the need for humans to perform the same work, usually faster and at a lower net cost. Currently, AI is being used in the agriculture industry to protect the global food supply and help farmers be more efficient with their land. The AI implemented by the USDA research team considers thousands of sets of data from weather patterns, biology trends, and of course historical agriculture in order to predict crop virus and disease mutations (Liu, et al, 2019). This AI system performs this data analysis on a regular basis, along with many other operations. It would take a dedicated team to perform this task, and even then it would take them significantly longer; a few days versus weeks or even months. Artificial intelligence systems, with the proper input and direction, can outperform humans in many otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Some artificial intelligence systems are designed to accomplish jobs that people could not, such as aide conducting research inside an active volcano. The benefit of AI and machine learning systems is that they are repeatable and expendable. While it’s unjustifiable to throw a human into a volcano by claiming that "their research will be worth their life”, a research team could calculate the potential value of the same research conduced by an AI-powered robot and expend that robot if the value outweighs the cost. An artificial intelligence system could be trained on tens of thousands of years of experience in just days or weeks (Akkaya, et al, 2019). This type of progression is something humans could never achieve, solidifying the place of AI and AI powered robotics systems in field research.

Artificial intelligence is more than just a robot to solve a Rubik’s Cube, it’s being proven as an essential resource in industries worldwide. According to Paras, AI is prominent in the medical field, and can be found managing medical data, helping with diagnosis, helping to develop innovative drugs, and even monitoring patients (Paras, et al, 2019). This is not a new concept, AI has been used in in medicine for decades, with the earliest examples being AI diagnosis in the 1990’s. People are worried that the arms race involving autonomous weapons is becoming increasingly dangerous (Haner, 2019). However, artificial intelligence defense is the best, if not the only, solution to autonomous weapons in the hands of malicious people. Though Ai in finally coming into the spotlight in 2021, many don’t recognize that they already interact with AI daily, from spellcheck to traffic cameras, AI is proven and here to stay.

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