Essay Sample about Organizational Structures of Rachelle’s Co

Rachelle’s Co. is a medium corporation that resides in Louisiana. The corporation co-design houses for low-earnings households and assist in putting in housing committees with using most use of its 135 employees throughout the country. The corporation gives production services; therefore, it perceives the constructing network as a part of the current housing solution. Rachelle's Co. plans to buy up to 50% of the building materials locally, achieving its goal of creating local jobs for its employees. Other merchandise served with using the corporation include; set up of sun water, power supply, timber saving stoves and machine water harvest. Like different companies, Rachelle’s Co. is organized efficiently by organizational systems mentioned in this assignment

Traditional departmentalization 

Within an organization, jobs are grouped according to specialization and expertise in various sections, and the basis used in this scenario plays a key role in shaping the organization. 


Matrix structure is a mixture of different organizational structures. It is frequently used in cases in which an enterprise does not locate the best structure to use. In most cases, functional departmentalization is combined with product groups, especially when conducting projects like construction. When developing a project, an organization, in this case, obtain personnel from the functional group, for instance, marketing personnel, designer, architecture and engineer, to ensure the project is of success. The use of this structure is advantageous since it makes use of highly experienced and equipped staff. However, the major disadvantage is that there is a rise in dual reporting from the combined departments.

Committee based 

This type of organizational structure is similar to staff organization since line people are allowed to discuss the arising problem and come up with a solid solution. Moreover, the structure incorporates managers and people from different departments for easy decision-making. The director is the chairman of the committee with personnel, production and marketing managers representing different departments. The main advantage of this structure is that it makes ideas and specialized functions more feasible under the organizational committee. However, the common drawback is that this structure may be ineffective due to its time-consuming nature and the aggressive attitude nature of persons. 


This type of structure is composed of a team working together towards a common goal but while working on their assigned individual tasks. This structure is less hierarchical but has a flexible structure that reinforces better decision-making, teamwork and problem-solving. From this analysis, matrix organizational structure is best for Rachelle’s Co… This structure is best, especially when dealing with construction projects since it brings together various structures to ensure all projects are delivered on time. The company deals with various projects, from construction, energy supply, water and wood saving woods; thus, it can acquire personnel from every aspect of the organization.


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