Essay on Pastors and Why We Need Them

Essay on Pastors and Why We Need Them
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📌Published: 04 July 2020

I admit I never have asked the questions of “What are pastors” and “What are they for?” But these are questions that do need to be addressed. I will be using William H. Willimon book, “Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry” as the base of this essay to answer those questions.   

Pastors come from the community of people who call themselves Christians. These people themselves are the actual ministers of the church. These ministers are the church, the Body of Christ, and they need a leader, a minister to the ministers. 

The pastor is one who not receives the “Call from God”, but answers that call. The person who becomes a pastor is the one the Holy Spirit gives that gift to be a minister to ministers. Pastor is not just one who preaches as the Holy Spirit gives gifts of various natures. The person is bestowed with the gift to be a pastor and from there the community puts their trust in that person to lead them in Godly matters, and then that person is recognized by those in authority with their laying of hands with symbolizes that person chosen by the Holy Spirit and the church. Some people I feel put more emphasis on the rite of the laying of hands that ordains, no I feel it is Holy Spirit that ordains, with the church, the authorities are only recognizing that fact. But the rites affirms and shows that the church believes in its clergy. 

Pastors are leaders, but following the way of Christ means they are also servants; servant of God no doubt, but also servant to humanity, and that means not just believers. The assignment of a pastor is often what the church or community has need of, whether senior pastor, youth pastor, or a pastor who teaches. All are God’s work done by the faithful obedient servant, the pastor.

 But as leader of the ministers, the community of believers, otherwise known as laity, he leads them, equipping them, teaches them, to be themselves better servants and ministers to the world. Again those ministers may be into various missions, but all including the pastor have one thing in common they are doing it all for the glory of God. The pastor works with the ministers to bring about where they do that work in a faithful, obedient, joyful, and peaceful attitude. Leading by following Christ’s example giving the substance he/she attains from the gift the Holy Spirit bestows on the ministers, which in turn gives to the world the gifts the Holy Spirit has bestowed on them. 

Who are pastors and what are they for; they are for humanity, they are for God the Father, they are for Jesus Christ, they are for the Holy Spirit. What are pastors for to show and bring back humanity back to God, to bring back humanity to where it should be, back in relationship with God. 

All the workings of a pastor are part of their ordaining and the ordaining never stops, it is a constant ongoing process. That is good for as Christ’s leadership has never stop, the pastor’s leadership should never stop. Yes, it is a challenge, but if the Holy Spirit, the church, and the authorities have confidence in a person’s leadership they will not fail if they look and stay focus on the Great Leader, Jesus Christ. That means being able to give responsibility to those ministers. It means expect trouble, that everything does not always have a successful ending, but have the wisdom to keep going and try new things. The wisdom to go slow, letting the people know the pastor and building more trust, always persistent that when we work for the glory of God through God all things are possible.


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