Essay on Volunteer Firefighters

With all the problems that confront our world daily, whether it be violence, poverty, or ignorance, thankfully there are many people and organizations that make the world a better place. Without a doubt, we are all thankful that we have dedicated Volunteer Firefighters and EMS personnel to dedicate their lives and work to help make these problems less overwhelming for all of us. Being a volunteer firefighter is not always for the pride and joy of being that hero, reminding us that these dedicated firefighters are truly there to assist neighbors when in need, raise money for various local fundraisers and to bring the community together at any giving time day or night. 

At any giving time when an emergency situation occurs, whether it be a structure fire, motor vehicle accident or a cardiac arrest in progress, these highly trained individuals rush to the scene to provide hands on care and expertise without double guessing. Their dedication to save life and property is remarkable. When they are finished any job they respond to, not one of them is looking for a thank you, a pat on the back or that hero’s cape – they are thankful enough to be there to provide what is needed during that hectic chaotic time. 

Regardless of the numerous hours that these individuals give to the community during emergency situations, they are always going above and beyond to raise money for various fundraisers in our local community. Whether it be for someone that lost their house to a fire, a village resident that was diagnosed with cancer or for that local child that is in need of a new bike, these firefighters and ems personnel shine above and always provide what is requested. Proving to the community that they are making the world a better place, one event at a time.

Although being a volunteer firefighter is extremely stressful at times, the community support is truly amazing. Whether it be in the time of need, the time of rapid response, or just a local fundraiser, you can always count on the local fire department to be there. This shows, that the dedicated individuals that belong to this organization, are not there for the praise, they are there to make a difference in each and everyone’s lives and world we live in.



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