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In the ancient world, it was crucial to have a just ruler/form of government that would serve the general population with morality and compassion. Elected democratic leaders rely on people to vote on laws to be passed. Elected oligarchy leaders would vote on laws within their inner circle. Generally, self-anointed Tyrannical leaders were an omnipotent single person who got the final say in making laws and changes. Democracy is the most effective form of government, oligarchy is the second most effective, and tyranny is the least effective form of government.

Democracy is the best form of government because democratic morals believed strongly in a well-balanced education that left the general population a well-informed citizen who would be able to serve their government with the knowledge that is still taught and executed to this day.

Solon, better known as the father of democracy had this to say about democracy, “Their souls we fan into flame with music and arithmetric at first and we teach them to write their letters and to read them….As they progress, we recite for them sayings of wise men, deeds of olden times, and helpful fictions, which we have adorned with poetic metre that they may remember them better.”

Along with the surplus of valuable information that was taught to the Athenians, democracy is the best form of government because it gives a voice to the people who can share concerns that would otherwise be brushed off or disregarded. In comparison to the two other popular forms of government at the time, democracy is easily the one that is able to unite the people through humanism and freedom of speech. These virtues were supported by many philosophers alike, with Pericles saying, "It is true that we (Athenians) are called a democracy, for the administration is in the hands of the many and not the few, with equal justice to all."

Oligarchy is the second most effective form of government because it followed a system that allowed a seat at the table for most eligible Spartan citizens, yet, a true leader becomes a dicey choice when that person is deemed unfit or acts out in an attempt to gain or betray the throne. One reason that oligarchy is effective is that through The Legislative Assembly, people could band together to create and revise the laws of their city-state, similar to a democratic government. Strong parallels between oligarchy and democracy are seen through Sparta’s elected ephors, the council of elders. These disregarded class which was a massive divide in the ancient world. On the other hand, oligarchy falls short when it comes to track records of unfit rulers. When kings are born into power, it makes sense that not every offspring will be the great leader they aspire or have to be. Whether someone does not want to rule, like Tiberius who had no interest in leading, he abused his power as Emperor to act heinously with little repercussions. Similarly, the feud between Romulus and Remus. They both wanted the crown so badly that Romulus resorted to murder to get what he wanted. A thirst (or severe lack thereof) for power can corrupt anyone to make poor decisions that ultimately affect the quality of said leadership.



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