Essay On Loneliness

The world is the loneliest place in this universe. We are all lonely beings, whether people want to admit it or not, we are. Everyone is lonely in some way; some are just lonelier than others. Sometimes the lonelier people in this world experience the world with a different eye and tend to love life more than others. People who experience this feeling have what most people do not, they have love for themselves. The definition of lonely is “Sad because one is lonely without friends or company” and “without companions.” What these definitions do not define is that being lonely is not the same as being alone. Lonely would be described more as a feeling and not based off of truth. Being alone is the action of this feeling, you have no company beside yourself. Growing up throughout the whole world, people grow up co-dependent of others. An idea that is put into our minds is that in order to be happy we need people in our lives. Granted, this is an idea that people want but it is not what we need to survive. We need to be lonely in order to survive because in life the best asset you have is yourself.  

Being lonely could be the best thing that a person can do for themselves. In life it is you and you alone, no one can take you from yourself. People grow up afraid of this word and that they will become it. People will do everything in their power to ignore this concept, if you think about it, people are afraid of themselves. Existence alone allows your brain to be in solitude, it allows the brain to recharge and reset everything around you. Furthermore, it creates a balance within the brain from being social to solitude.1 People who are more alone tend to be more productive and are able to concentrate better when it comes to work. Studies show that being alone increases creativity because people tend to produce their best ideas alone. That can be because people are afraid of judgment from others. A strength that being alone can cause; people do not really think of is that being more independent can strengthen relationships with others. Being more individual and independent is healthy for others. Additionally, introverted based people tend to have high levels of empathy and self-awareness.  


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