Essay ob Catholic Church in the Western Europe During the Middle Ages

Throughout Western Europe during the middle ages,  the Roman Catholic Church was used as a key structure in society; but what was the Roman Catholic Church? The Roman Catholic Church was a Christian church that members of society relied upon and worshiped, so they could achieve salvation. The Roman Catholic Church did not create order in society during the Middle Ages. This is because people in society were forced to abide by the church's rules and follow their religion and had no religious freedom. 

As the Roman Catholic Church should create an environment where everyone was equal, but this was not the case, especially for groups of people who did not agree with the church. The church would torture people until the person would admit being a part of Cathar. They would give people no other choice but admitting to being a part of Cathar. They would not ask for accurate evidence. They went off what others said and what people's opinions were. The main flaw in the Roman Catholic Church was that it was apart of society’s government. Combining government and religion was not a good idea. It often caused conflict between people like church officials and monarchs. Selfish rulers wanted more power to themselves, which caused lots of conflicts. Popes were taking power from the King, so people did not know who to listen too. King Henry's, loyalty oaths were broken. This was going against one of the few good things about feudalism, loyalty. Individuals such as monarchs and popes were gaining too much power. This ruined society and caused chaos. If the power was distributed how it should've been, it would not have caused issues. 

Some might argue that the Roman Catholic Church did create a fair and just society in Western Europe. The Roman Catholic Church played a large role in bringing back learning. This provided the leaders with the skills the empire needed to survive the fall. But, they would only allow certain people to learn. This ended up working in their favor because the people would listen to them and lead the people as the church wanted. By having the local priest help people, it made the people trust the church which decreased the chance of a rebellion. Some may say it helped people feel united, but it did not. It made some people feel shunned and unwelcome because they were scared to be open about their own religious beliefs.  

In conclusion, the Roman Catholic Church did not effectively create a fair and just society in western Europe during the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church was the opposite of fair and did not create order. Throughout all of history, there hasn’t really been a real fair and just society. It is basically impossible to have a society like that. That would mean everyone is equal and everyone is doing what’s right, that would just be a utopia. The Roman Catholic Church was far from creating a utopia.



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